100 + 8 Hot Selling Products in Nigeria

These 100+ hot selling products in Nigeria are easy to find, ship, and sell to customers all over Nigeria. The best part is that you don't need much money to get started.

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Have you considered starting a business and are wondering what the hot selling products in Nigeria are that you can sell?

Settle down; we’ve reviewed over 5,310 products on Jumia and searched different categories on Amazon to select the top 108 hot selling products in Nigeria.

There are over 200 million people in Nigeria, so selling your products will not be a problem. 

What are the hot selling products in Nigeria in 2023?

Now, let’s break down each category to find the best product that suits you and how much you need to start the business. You can import these hot selling products from China or source them on Jumia and market them on social media.

Hair Extension Products

hair extension products are hot selling
Hair extension products are hot selling in Nigeria

Hair extension products are one of the best selling products in Nigeria. A large number of women in Nigeria now use hair wigs to enhance their looks daily. This has created a high demand for hair extension products and accessories.

Some of these products are priced as high as ₦30,000 to ₦150,000 and more, depending on their quality. You can start the hair extension business with as little as ₦200,000 or more. Your profit margin depends on your sales capacity. 

For example, if you sell 10 hair wigs worth ₦25,000 for ₦30,000, you would have made ₦50,000 on just 10 wigs. When you remove your overhead costs, you would still have made a substantial profit.

Below are 10 hair extension products that are fast selling in Nigeria:

1. Brazilian hair

2. Peruvian hair

3. Synthetic hair

4. Curling Wands

5. Hair extension treatment

6. Hair extension shampoo

7. Hair extension hydrating mask

8. Hair extension bag and hanger

9. Hair extension conditioner

10. Soft hairbrush

Fashion Products and Accessories

Fashion products and accessories are one of the best selling products in Nigeria
Fashion items always sell in Nigeria

Fashion products and accessories are one of the best selling products in Nigeria because everyone puts on clothes, whether young or old. A lot of people have outfits for different occasions—from Sunday wear to office wear to “owanbe” party wear and more.

Fashion products are not limited to clothes alone; there are other fashion accessories that are in high demand in Nigeria. This is why fashion products and accessories are some of the best products to sell online in Nigeria.

The cost of starting a fashion business in Nigeria varies, but on a small scale, you can start your business with as little as ₦100,000. Your profit depends on your sales power. However, to increase your profit in this business, importing your products and selling them online is the best.

Let me show you 20 hot selling fashion products in Nigeria, such as:

11. Shoes

12. Bags

13. Boxers

14. Bras

15. Panties and tights

16. Slippers (both leather and rubber)

17. Dresses

18. Male and Female suits

19. Singlets

20. Bangles

21. Necklace (beads, gold chains, and more)

22. Male and Female Trousers

23. Male and Female shirts

24. Second-hand clothes, also known as Okrika

25. Wallets

26. Wristwatches

27. Perfumes

28. Purses

29. Bracelets

30. Waistbeads and Anklets

Phone Products

you can start selling phones and make money in Nigeria
You can start selling phones and make money in Nigeria

The average Nigerian owns a phone, whether a small phone or an Android phone, hence the increase in demand for phone products in Nigeria in 2023. 

Another reason why phone products are fast selling products in Nigeria is that there are various phone brands to choose from. You can stick with one or sell multiple brands.

You can start the phone product business with as little as N200,000 or as much as N1 million if you have the capital. From selling a phone, you can make a profit of over N3000, depending on the brand.

Below are 10 phone products that are fast selling in Nigeria:

31. Xiaomi phone products

32. Gionee phone products

33. iPhone products

34. iTel phone products

35. Tecno phone products

36. Infinix phone products

37. Samsung phone products

38. Redmi phone products

39. Nokia phone products

40. Oppo phone products

Phone Accessories

phone accessories are always in demand
Phone accessories are always in demand in Nigeria

As the demand for phones increases, so does the demand for phone accessories. Phone and accessories go hand in hand. This means that you may decide to sell phones and accessories together. 

Phone accessories are one of the fastest selling products in Nigeria today. This is partly because the cost of starting the business is low. With ₦20,000, you can start the phone accessories business and start making a profit.

Here are 10 high in demand phone accessories to sell in Nigeria;

41. Powerbanks

42. Phone chargers

43. Memory cards

44. Bluetooth speakers

45. Earpods

46. Earphones

47. Phone casings

48. Car chargers

49. Phone casings

50. Screen protectors.

Health and Beauty Products

Beauty products are hot selling in nigeria
Beauty products are hot selling in nigeria

Health and Beauty products are another set of hot selling products in Nigeria. These products range from personal care products to health supplements. A lot of middle-aged men and women in Nigeria are keen on their health recently, hence the increase in demand for these products.

To start this business, you may need to have some knowledge about male and female health and beauty regimens. This will help in marketing your products to people. With ₦50,000, you can begin this business in Nigeria.

Here are the eight best health and beauty products that are in high demand:

51. Skincare products: face wash, sunscreen, body creams, and more

52. Deodorants

53. Antiseptics

54. Makeup/cosmetics

55. Hair removal

56. Shave cream

57. Dietary supplements

58. Weight loss products

Electronic Products

a desk with a computer monitor, keyboard and mouse
Electonics are also fast selling products in Nigeria

Electronics will also be a hot selling product in Nigeria in 2023 and beyond. Electronics are needed in both homes and offices for comfort and efficiency. 

Starting an electronics business will require a fairly huge capital investment of ₦500,000 and above. However, you will make a lot of money from the business once you start. You can also use social media platforms to market your products.

Here are 10 electronic products that are fast selling in Nigeria:

59. Televisions

60. Electric fans (ceiling fans, table fans, and more)

61. Toasters

62. Air Conditioners

63. Home theatres

64. Generators

65. Pressing irons

66. Microwave

67. Electric cookers

68. Refrigerators and freezers

Food products

assorted food products on display
You can never go wrong with selling food products

Food products are also one of the fastest selling products in Nigeria because they are consumables. These foodstuffs can be sourced from local markets or farms at cheaper rates and sold online or offline. You can start an online food business and connect with customers.

With as low as ₦50,000, you can start a food product business and make lots of profits. Your profit margin depends on the cost at which you bought the products.

Here are 10 food products in Nigeria that are selling fast:

69. Rice

70. Garri

71. Yam

72. Meat

73. Yam flour (Elubo)

74. Tomatoes and pepper

75. Beans

76. Noodles (Indomie and other noodle brands)

77. Seasonings

78. Soya beans

Gaming Products

black xbox one console with controller
Gaming products are also hot selling products in Nigeria

A lot of people, especially men, love football, hence the increase in gaming products in Nigeria. 

There are many video game business centres all over the country today where people go and play games. Also, many people love to buy games to play in the comfort of their homes. You can start this business with ₦200,000 and above.

There are two ways you can benefit from the gaming business: either you open a game centre or you sell gaming products. Some of the games people love to play are FIFA “18, Call of Duty, Fallout, and more. Here are 5 gaming products that are fast selling in Nigeria:

79. Xbox 360: games, accessories, and consoles

80. XBos One: games, accessories, and consoles

81. Nintendo Switch: games, accessories, and consoles

82. Playstation Vita: games, accessories, and consoles

83. Playstations 4 and 3: games, accessories, and consoles

Computer Products and Accessories

MacBook Pro on table beside white iMac and Magic Mouse
Selling laptops and accessories are also a hot deal in Nigeria

Computer products and accessories are also one of the fastest selling products in Nigeria. Students, employees, and business owners all make use of computers for various endeavours. This has increased the demand for computers and their accessories.

Venturing into computer products requires huge capital; however, you can start a computer accessories business for as little as ₦200,000 and scale up.

Below are 10 computer products and accessories that are selling fast:

84. Laptops

85. Desktops

86. Tablets

87. Keyboards

88. Mouse and Mouse mat

89. Laptop chargers

90. Laptop batteries

91. Computer screens

92. Flash drives

93. Printers

Baby Products

boy sitting on white cloth surrounded by toys
Selling baby products is worth considering in Nigeria

Baby products are hot sellers in Nigeria because of the large number of live births recorded daily in the country. Nigeria has one of the fastest growing populations in the world, hence the need for baby products now and then.

You can start a baby product business by importing products from China and selling them online as well as offline. It does not require a huge amount of capital to start; with ₦100,000 you can start the business in Nigeria.  

Here are nine fast-selling baby products you can start to sell now:

94. Diapers and holders

95. Baby Foods

96. Baby Toys

97. Baby clothes and shoes

98. Baby Carrier

99. Baby bowls and bathtubs

100. Baby Toiletries

101. Baby crib

102. Baby Bed

Car Accessories

shallow focus photo of black BMW steering wheel
While you’ll need a substantial amount to start, car products are also fast selling in Nigeria

This is another best selling product in Nigeria. You can start the car accessories business with capital as low as ₦300,000 and scale up. There is a lot of profit in this business once you know how to market it both online and offline.

Here are three best selling car accessories you can start selling:

103. Spare tyres

104. Car trackers

105. Car rear cameras

Groceries Delivery

Groceries are in high demand because homes and offices are constantly in need of these products. With ₦50,000—₦100,000, you can start this grocery delivery business and make lots of money.

Here are three fast selling groceries that you can start selling:

106. Toiletries

107. Detergents and Liquid soaps

108. Cooking oils

What are the pros and cons of selling products in Nigeria?

The Pros

  • Selling products increases your money making potential
  • Helps you to become a problem solver
  • Enhances your self-esteem.

The Cons

  • A lot of competition
  • Cost of starting the business
  • High demand and low supply
  • The challenge of storing products, especially food products

How do I market my products?

There are various ways to market your products and make sales. The most prominent ones include Google ads, affiliate marketing, and the use of social media. Here are some platforms and tactics you can use to market your products:

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You can choose a product and use the tactics explained to market your product and profit.

What is the cost of starting a product sales business in Nigeria?

100+ Hot selling products to make cool cash in Nigeria

The cost of starting a product sales business in Nigeria depends on the product niche you decide to sell. Product niches such as Computer products and accessories and Electronic products require relatively huge capital to start—₦500,000 and above.

However, for niches like hair extension products, food products, and others, with ₦100,000 you can start your business and scale up. If you haven’t saved up some money to start your product business, here are some options you can consider:

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Final Thoughts

This list is not exhaustive, as there are other hot selling products in Nigeria. This article is to show you a list of the fastest selling products in Nigeria in 2023. We have explored some product categories in this article, such as hair extension products, computer products, health and beauty products, and more. 

In order to reach more customers within a short period of time, I advise you to build an online presence for your business. This will help you make profits quickly. Also, importing products such as baby products, car accessories, phones and accessories, and more from China will reduce costs and maximise your profits. 

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