What's Your Billionaire Skillset?

Not everyone can be a billionaire, but anyone can think like one!

Do you think you have what it takes or na cruise?

Take this fun quiz to discover your special billionaire-worthy skillset based on your unique personality type.

1 / 8

You won N100 million in sports betting, how do you celebrate?

2 / 8

At your best friend's wedding, what role are you most likely to take?

3 / 8

Which of these Nigerian dishes would you prefer?

4 / 8

How do you support a friend going through relationship drama?

5 / 8

What do you like to do when your aunties start trouble?

6 / 8

 How do you handle relationship drama with your babe?

7 / 8

Your friend is starting a business. How can you help?

8 / 8

What do you do when NEPA takes light during a season finale?

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