7 Freelancing Sites in Nigeria That Still Work in 2023

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If you are interested in working online in Nigeria, it’s important to be aware of the freelancing sites in Nigeria that still work in 2023. The gig economy has rapidly emerged as a thriving economic model on a global scale. Hence, skilled Nigerians can utilise the opportunity to monetise their skills from the comfort of their homes.

Freelancing sites in Nigeria are online marketplaces where freelancers meet with clients seeking to pay for skilled services. These sites include Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, 99Designs, Guru, Indeed, and Toptal. Choosing the right one is essential to landing desirable freelance gigs and, thus, making money.

There are many freelancing sites, but not all are suitable for Nigerians or work well in Nigeria. However, there is an online marketplace for every freelancer living in Nigeria.

Can I Freelance in Nigeria?

Anyone with the skill set to provide professional services can build a successful freelancing career in Nigeria. Many freelancing platforms in Nigeria connect freelancers with potential employers. Nigeria ranks high among the active countries in the global freelancing scene.

The prevalence of freelance marketplaces makes it easy for independent professionals to land freelance gigs without hassle. However, to become a successful freelancer in Nigeria, you need to be accessible to clients worldwide. To do so, you must build a reputable presence on Nigerian-based and international freelancing sites in Nigeria.

Additionally, you must constantly upgrade your skills and maintain a trustworthy position amidst stiff competition. Whether you’re a great graphic designer, content writer, or programmer, choosing the appropriate freelance sites is essential for better chances.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Freelancing Website

There are several websites to choose from for your freelancing career, but sometimes it could feel like one is going around in a circle. However, not all freelancing options in Nigeria are equally advantageous, primarily due to various factors that need to be considered. 

illustration showing four factors to consider when selecting freelance sites in Nigeria

The following are important factors to consider if you want to maximise opportunities and positively influence your freelance journey:


The rating of a freelancing website is a good indicator of its reputation. A site with a positive rating and a long-standing record signifies opportunities. Making them a  good option over those with poor ratings or reputations.

Networking Quality and Quantity

As a freelancer, your ultimate goal on any freelance platform is to connect with clients seeking your service. You should focus not only on the number of users on that platform but also on the success rate of getting offers. This helps to ensure you don’t get a once-a-blue-moon offer or many short-charged offers at a time. 

Popularity among Nigerian freelancers

The popularity of a website is not always indicative of its attractiveness as an option. However, when Nigerian users do not frequently engage with a site, it raises concerns that warrant further investigation. Various factors, such as subpar treatment, fraudulent activities, inadequate compensation, and discriminatory practices, might be contributing to this lack of patronage.

Platform Safety

Safety in this context refers to the protective measures put in place to mitigate fraudulence by clients or freelancers. It ensures that freelancers don’t get paid for work without delivery and that clients pay for services rendered.

This is a critical factor for consideration because not everyone on the online platform has pure intentions. Fortunately, some freelancing sites in Nigeria still work with security protocols to prevent such losses.

Best Freelancing Sites in Nigeria

Many Nigerian freelancers often lament over inadequate freelancing sites to showcase their skills and land an actual offer. However, these are online marketplaces to showcase your creativity and earn money from clients living near and far away.


A screenshot of Upwork's homepage
A screenshot of Upwork’s homepage

This popular freelancing platform emerged from the merger of oDesk and Elance. It connects clients with freelancers across various skills, including writing, programming, and marketing. Picture Upwork as a freelance platform with millions of clients and even more freelancers within and outside Nigeria.

How Upwork Works

Freelancers can bid for jobs posted by clients. Upon selection, the agreed price for the gig is paid into Upwork’s escrow, and then the work begins.

Once the client certifies the completion of the work, the payment is released into the freelancer’s registered account.

Why we chose Upwork

  • A secure and reputable platform
  • Has lots of job opportunities for freelancers
  • Integrates an escrow system that ensures payment for work completed
  • Tools and features to help freelancers succeed, such as skill tests and portfolio showcasing.


A screenshot of Fiverr’s homepage

This is a widely recognised online freelancing platform where different types of freelancers connect with clients from around the world. The platform design provides a seamless experience for both freelancers and clients.

How Fiverr Works

Fiverr operates on a simple premise where freelancers can create a “gig” showcasing their particular skills and the corresponding fees. Potential employers interested in that skill can then contact the freelancer to order a job. 

Once the client places an order, they deposit the payment into Fiverr’s escrow account. After completing the job, the freelancer receives the payment and finalises the transaction.

Why we Chose Fiverr

  • Creation of freelance gigs (jobs) for specific skills
  • You can customise the rate for your professional services.
  • Secure payment flow via the escrow system.
  • Has an extensive network of both clients and skilled freelancers
  • Reviews and rating systems that can relatively boost your reputation
  • Diverse opportunities for various freelance errand jobs.


A screenshot of the Freelancer platform

Freelancer is a reputable and secure platform with many clients and freelancers. The website offers numerous job opportunities and projects for freelancers in Nigeria. However, the platform limits free applications, and a membership fee is required for additional applications.

How Freelancer Website Works

Clients post on the website and receive bids from freelancers quickly. Many proceed to compare proposals, peruse profiles, or chat with viable candidates. After choosing and awarding the project, clients use a secure milestone payment to pay once satisfied with the finished work.

Why we Chose Freelancer

  • Secure and reputable platform
  • An extensive network of clients and freelancers
  • Numerous job opportunities and projects are available.


A screenshot of Guru freelancing site

Guru is a platform for freelancers to find work by submitting bids in response to client job postings. Clients release payment upon completion of work and satisfaction.

How Guru Website Works

Freelancers sign up for free and, after verification, post their skills and set their rates. Clients post jobs and receive quotes from freelancers to evaluate their portfolios. After selection, the agreement is finalised, and work can begin with a follow-up via a dedicated WorkRoom.

Why We Chose Guru

  • A bidding system for freelancers to submit quotes
  • A comprehensive dashboard for employers to manage their projects
  • Accessible communication with freelancers or groups of talents
  • Safe Pay integration to ensure a secure payment process
  • Streamlined project management tasks such as creating agreements and sharing work documents


A screenshot of Toptal freelancing site homepage

Toptal is a freelancer platform that accepts only the top 3% of applicants. It offers high-quality jobs with good pay and is secure, reputable, and popular among clients and freelancers.

However, the site is not transparent about the payment process for freelancers by corporate hirers. Plus, you must be an experienced Nigerian freelancer who has previously worked with renowned companies before you can use Toptal.

How Toptal Works

Toptal connects freelancers with corporate clients and offers a two-week trial period for clients to assess a freelancer’s work. If a client rejects the work during this period, Toptal pays the freelancer, but it may be at a reduced rate. Freelancers are paid approximately one month after completing an assignment.

Why we Chose Toptal

  • Exclusive platform for top-skilled freelancers
  • A highly selective application process
  • Access to high-quality jobs with good pay
  • Secure and reputable platform
  • Popular among clients and Nigerian freelancers


A screenshot of 99Designs freelancing site homepage

99Designs is a platform designed for freelance graphic designers from all over the world to showcase their unique abilities in graphic design. It is the largest freelance graphic design website, with over 1 million freelancers.

How 99Designs Work

Freelancers participate in design competitions where they showcase their creativity to potential clients. If they win any design contest, they get paid using PayPal or Payoneer upon completing satisfactory work.

Why we Chose 99Designs

  • Offers design contests for freelancers to showcase their abilities.
  • Payment is through PayPal or Payoneer.
  • Connects freelancers with entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses that need graphic designers.


Indeed is a top job site that connects millions of job seekers to new opportunities every day. It offers free access to job searches, resume postings, and company research.

How Indeed Works

This freelance platform accumulates jobs from different sites. To use Indeed, job seekers can search for jobs, post their resumes, and apply directly to positions on the site. Employers can post job listings and purchase premium features to enhance recruitment efforts.

Why we Chose Indeed

  • Job aggregation from thousands of websites
  • Easy search for remote and local jobs
  • Free access for job seekers
  • Premium job posting and resume features for employers
  • Millions of monthly visitors

Which Freelancing Site is Best for Beginners in Nigeria?

There are many freelance websites, but the best freelancing sites in Nigeria for beginners are:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PeoplePerHour
  • iFreelance
  • SimplyHired.

Those sites are beginner-friendly because they have sections dedicated to teaching new users how to navigate the platform.

Freelancing Websites in Nigeria with Honorary Mentions

Aside from the freelancing sites in Nigeria that still work in 2023, dysfunctional native Nigerian sites deserve a notable mention. That is because those sites formed the foundation for Nigerian-led freelancing space. Some of these sites include the following:

  • Asuqu
  • Justfrom5k
  • Yokebay

Other international freelancing sites in Nigeria that no longer employ Nigerian freelancers or function include:

  • Cloudpeeps
  • Writer
  • Problogger

Extra Tips for Picking the Best Freelancing Sites in Nigeria

There are many freelancing platforms in Nigeria, but the competition for opportunities can be fierce. Register on that platform to market your skills on any online marketplace and craft an appealing portfolio to stand out.

Additionally, prioritise submitting a project that satisfies the client’s expectations. Such professionalism earns you a good rating and a high chance of growing your referral network. It is essential to clarify the work expectations and secure a payment structure before accepting an offer. 

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