How To Become a UI/UX Designer in Nigeria in 90 Days

UI/UX design is a rapidly growing field, offering substantial employment opportunities and high earning potential in Nigeria. This guide provides a comprehensive approach for aspiring designers, including learning resources, portfolio-building tips, networking advice, and career prospects.

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UI/UX design is one of the rapidly growing digital skills in Nigeria with lots of employment potential.

This field combines creativity and technology to create user-friendly and visually appealing digital products.

As a Nigerian, knowing how to become a UI/UX designer can help you start a rewarding career and massively improve your income—by putting in the work, of course.

But you may have questions about what it entails, its profitability, potential earnings, and how to get started.

This comprehensive guide contains all the details you need to build a successful UI/UX design career, including:

  1. What Does a UI/UX Designer Do?
  2. How Much UI/UX Designers Make in Nigeria
  3. Getting Started as a Beginner UI/UX Designer In Nigeria with No Experience
  4. Responsibilities of a UI/UX Designer
  5. 5 Reasons to Be a UI/UX Designer
  6. 5 Places to Learn UI/UX in Nigeria
  7. Start Your UI/UX Journey Today

What Does a UI/UX Designer Do?

A UI/UX designer is an individual who makes brands, services, and tech usable and accessible to everyone. They tend to operate as part of a large team in many advertising and marketing agencies. 

You will find many UI/UX designers bridging the link between customers, teams, and business structure.

role of a UI UX designer

Moreover, a UI/UX designer considers what’s in the overall best interest of a user when innovating a new product. 

This is a highly paid-job that ensures a product or service aligns with a brand’s vision while also advocating what is best for the end user. Usually, you will find a UI/designer designing apps, websites, and software.

How Much UI/UX Designers Make in Nigeria

Based on over 746 jobs posted on X (Twitter), a UI/UX designer in Nigeria can earn around ₦1,200,000 per year (or approximately ₦100,000 per month). 

Entry-level designers may earn around ₦300,000 to ₦500,000 per year, while more experienced professionals can earn upwards of ₦2,000,000 per year.

This salary range varies based on factors such as experience, location, and the company you work for.

Getting Started as a Beginner UI/UX Designer In Nigeria with No Experience

As someone considering UI/UX design from Nigeria, here is a detailed, step-by-step process I recommend to kickstart your career:

Learn Design Fundamentals

Enroll in online courses on platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Udacity and EdX. This will teach you design thinking, user research, usability, visual, and interaction design. Look for highly rated and recommended beginner UI/UX courses.

Then, go for a more intensive UI/UX bootcamp as well to dive deeper into concepts and acquire more hands-on practice through real-world projects.

Leading options are offered by CareerFoundry, Springboard, DesignLab, and others.

Then, learn design fundamentals like typography, color theory, interface layout principles, user flows and design systems. This core knowledge underpins UI/UX work.

Choose a Primary Design Tool

Attain in-depth expertise using leading design tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch and others. These tools bring ideas and interfaces to life.

Focus first on deeply learning one primary design tool before expanding into others. Mastery of one major platform translates well into picking up additional tools. 

Figma and Adobe XD are excellent options to start with.

Build Your Portfolio

Craft 3-5 solid project samples for your portfolio that demonstrate real-world UI/UX skills. Good projects include:

  • mobile apps
  • website pages
  • web applications and more.

Treat portfolio projects like you’re working with actual clients. Follow the full design cycle from research to prototypes. Solve business problems.

You can show off your skills in user research, wireframing, visual design, prototyping, and testing UI/UX solutions in your portfolio. This is vital for impressing employers.

Learn From Experts

Actively follow leading UI/UX designers, firms and thought leaders in Nigeria on platforms like Instagram and Twitter to absorb advice, insights and examples.

Expand perspectives by connecting with seasoned international experts as well on sites like Medium to learn best practices being employed globally.

Read UI/UX design books, magazines, and blogs to learn about the newest trends, strategies, and success stories in marketing, technology, and UI/UX design.

Get an Internship

Get 3-6 month internships or apprenticeships with Nigerian startups, agencies, and product teams to learn UI/UX from senior designers before applying for junior roles.

Treat internships as opportunities to further expand your skills. Collaborate on projects, ask lots of questions, and build connections.

Consider internship platforms like Altara’s Design League and Semicolon’s apprenticeship initiatives that aim to develop African talent.

Go for Some Experience

To hone your UI/UX experience skills, consider taking an internship or going for freelance work. This is great because you will be able to have some experience on your CV and build your design network. 

Also, it will help you have a good background in collaboration and project management and enhance your communication skills. There are several internships and freelance opportunities on LinkedIn, Upwork, and Fiverr.

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The network remains an important aspect for all UI/UX designers. It helps you find clients and mentors. 

It’s necessary to consider networking with experienced designers to gain valuable insights. They will advise on the best tools to use and can introduce you to clients. 

To find mentors and clients, you should join a design community like Design Buddies on Discord or LinkedIn.

Continuously Improve

Set annual skill development goals. 

Experiment with new design techniques and tools each year to expand your abilities.

Stay on pulse of latest UI/UX design patterns, best practices and measurement metrics being used globally to sustainably grow your expertise over a long-term career.

Consider attaining UI/UX certifications over time as well from leading institutions and companies. This signals deeper expertise to the market.

Responsibilities of a UI/UX Designer

As a UI/UX designer, your daily tasks will include some of the following:

Conduct User Research

A UI/UX designer should be able to prepare project research. Once a client sends in a project, the designer embarks on field research to get a clearer picture of the work. This research includes reviewing what the project aims to achieve, interviewing current users to know the existing problem, and comparing it with competitors.

Create a User Persona

After conducting detailed field research, UX designers are tasked with creating user personas. At this stage, you understand what tasks you should perform.

Determine a Project Information Structure.

 This is known in design circles as ” information architecture”. An excellent information architecture makes a user enjoy the platform. It allows people to easily navigate the app or website.

Create User Flows and Wireframes.

UX/UI designers use an array of tools to map out customers’ journeys through a service, which includes wireframes and user flows. User flows are simple charts that visualize the path the user takes. Wireframes offer a two-dimensional outline of the Web page.

 User Testing Skills

When a product is correctly mapped out, it’s the job of a UI/UX designer to create a prototype and run tests. With a prototype, you will get a scaled-down version of the product.

5 Reasons to Be a UI/UX Designer

If you are still not convinced about becoming a UX/UI designer, here are some reasons to follow this career path:

UI/UX Designers are Well-paid

If you want a job with high earning potential, then this is a nice option. The reason for the lucrative demand for UX designers is the shortage of skilled personnel. Aside from the wages, there are juicy benefits attached to working as a designer. 

One of the Nigerian top UI/UX designers, Udoh Iniobong says she started earning 7 digits within two years. You will get a 13th-month salary, HMO, and overtime wages, amongst others.

It Is Easily Accessible.

The low barrier to entry into UI/UX design makes it one of the most sought-after jobs. Contrary to what has been predicted in some quarters, you don’t need a degree or much experience to be a UI designer.

 There are several disciplines, such as math, psychology, and design, that are interwoven with this career. 

Another top UI /UX designer, Emmanuel Adeyemo, has a degree in engineering, but he is now making money from design. Many of today’s highly successful UX/UI designers broke into the field from other fields.

UI/UX Design Offers Fulfilled Work

Many people hope to have a job that offers them joy and fulfillment. As a UI/UX designer, you will make a positive impact on the world by making users’ lives better. You will understand how users think and come up with creative solutions.

A UI/UX Designer has Many Growth Opportunities

UI design is still growing, and there are many growth opportunities in this career. It is an exciting job that has many career paths. Immediately after you start learning UX design, you learn about some transferable skills for some roles, like:

  • Product Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • Service designer
  • UX Analyst

UI/UX are in High Demand.

While there are thousands of soft skills available, UI design is at the top of the list. The world is short of people with these skills. When you sharpen your skills, you are assured of getting a lucrative job.

5 Places to Learn UI/UX in Nigeria

If you are interested in UI design, here are some places to learn these skills:

Sabi Programmers

One of the best places to learn UI/UX design in Nigeria is Sabi Programmers. They have a conducive learning environment in Lagos, Abuja, London, and Port Harcourt. This school provides a comprehensive course in all IT skills and has experienced instructors.

SeedBuilders Institute

Another nice place to learn UI/UX design in Nigeria is Seedbuilders Institute. They have an immersion program for any students who need hands-on experience in design. With world-class teachers, you are assured of getting the best technical knowledge.

EarlyBell Academy

Aspiring UX/UX designers in Nigeria should consider EarlyBell Academy. It is the perfect place to launch your career in design. They have a unique curriculum, which includes courses in interaction dynamics, design principles, and psychology. The design education they provide will go a long way toward helping you in your career.

Andela Learning Community

Andela Learning Community is one of the best places to learn UI/UX design in Nigeria. They are known for cultivating students who become world leaders in coding and IT. They offer courses online in conjunction with Google and have built a strong reputation over time.

Cchub Design Lab

Cchub is one of Nigeria’s top academies of UI/UX design. Aside from designs, they provide a plethora of IT courses, which can make students world-beaters. They have a nice office in Rwanda, Nigeria, and other countries. They are equipped with reputable instructors who can teach without problems.

Start Your UI/UX Journey Today

This guide discusses how to become a UI/UX designer without experience. When it comes to learning a skill that can make you valuable and earn you huge salaries, UI/UX design is the way to go.

 Also, while you can learn from YouTube and other online channels, registering with a reputable academy will help you achieve your goal. With the uncertainties in the world, taking a job such as a UI/UX designer will make you a world beater.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Qualifications do I Need to be a UI/UX Designer?

To succeed as  a UI/UX Designer, no basic education is needed. However, having degrees in design and coding courses is an added advantage. All that is required it certifications in UI/UX to succeed.

How Long Does it Take to Become a UI/UX Designer?

To become a UI/UX Designer, you will need about 6 months to three years. There are shorter courses on UI design which are available on some online resource platforms. 

How Do I Become a UI/UX Designer in Nigeria?

To become a UI/UX with no experience, you need to take certifications, enroll in internship programs, and have a robust portfolio.

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