How to Get Tax Identification Number in Nigeria Online

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Imagine not being able to withdraw your earnings on Upwork or not getting access to government grants and loans to boost your small business. 

The best way to secure your business’ future is to abide by government regulations. Using your mobile device, you can obtain a tax identification number through the Joint Tax Board website.

We’ll show you step-by-step procedures on how to get tax identification number in Nigeria online. This guide will be helpful if you have trouble verifying your tax details on Upwork or accessing grants.

Do I Need A TIN in Nigeria?

You need a TIN in Nigeria if you have a business or offer services. In most cases, being a freelancer demands having a taxpayer ID. The reason is to avoid getting overcharged or having a high percentage of your income withheld. As a freelancer, you can get your TIN by registering as an individual.

Small businesses are being registered under the non-individual section. The TIN is your identity and helps properly identify what and how you operate, giving you access to government loans, a corporate bank account, and other benefits. You need a TIN even if you want to open a POS business.

What Documents Are Required for TIN Registration in Nigeria?

Before starting your registration for a TIN, you’ll need the following as a business owner:

  • CAC certificate 
  • NIN card

Mostly, the Corporate Affairs Commission certificate comes in handy to determine the registration number, email address in use, and date of business commencement.

If you’re registering as an individual, then all that is required in the correct format is the following:

  • E-mail address
  • BVN number 

How to Generate Tax Identification Number Online

In Nigeria, your TIN is under the care of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and the Joint Tax Board (JTB). They’re in charge of handling your individual registration, business registration, or company TIN. You’ll need your NIN or BVN number for this process. You’ll be shown a detailed breakdown of how to get tax identification number in Nigeria online.

How to Generate a Tax Identification Number Online for Individuals (Freelancers) 

guidelines on how to get tax identification number in Nigeria online for freelancers

Tax payment is necessary for a freelancer who renders services and earns on international platforms like Upwork. This freelance platform pays VAT charges according to a country’s regulations. You risk being charged more from your earnings if you don’t have a Tax Identification Number. 

These are the steps to get started:

  • Visit the TIN registration portal, 
  • Go to the [individual], click on it, and start creating your TIN request form
  • You’re expected to fill in details like your BVN, date of birth, and name
  • The validation page comes up to confirm details are filled in correctly
  • The form page comes next, where you attach your passport and other necessary information that didn’t autofill from your database.
  • Submit the document and take note of the reference number, which is useful for lodging complaints if need be

How to Generate a Tax Identification Number Online for Non-Individuals (Businesses)

guidelines on how to get tax identification number in Nigeria online for businesses

 As a business owner, sole dependence on your CAC certification alone doesn’t secure your business fully. The need for a Tax Identification Number keeps your business protected under government regulations. Here’s how to register for your non-individual TIN;                                                                                                 

  • Login to the JTB website at
  • Select the business option at the top to create a TIN request.
  • Start filling out the form by selecting your type of organisation.
  • Input your business name and registration number as they appear on your CAC certificate.
  • Automatically, other details appear, and you complete whatever’s left.

After successfully submitting the TIN request form, you get a notification with your request ID.

Example of TIN Number in Nigeria

Over the years, the Federal Inland Revenue Service has been the body responsible for issuing the TIN, which involves a more rigorous process. 

The creation of the Joint Tax Board presented a much easier process. In that case, a TIN can come in two formats: 

  • the 12-digit number issued by the FIRS (01234567-8999)
  • the 10-digit number now issued by the JTB (01234567). 

The best process for acquiring a TIN number online is going through the JTB website.

How Long Does It Take to Get a TIN Number in Nigeria?

The standard duration to get your taxpayer ID is 3 weeks or less after successfully submitting your request form. In cases of delays exceeding this duration, you should send a request email to as a reminder. 

This reminder must contain your request ID and business name or your name in the case of an individual request.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Tin Number in Nigeria?

It costs nothing to register for a tax identification number. Since the registration process is totally free, it’s safe to say that you must have a strong network connection. This will help avoid possible issues with your registration. 

You can complete the registration process on your own, and it is very simple. Registration fees only come into play when you start involving a third party. 

How to Recover Your TIN Number

Your TIN can still be recovered online in case of loss through the FIRS page on or the JTB website on

The retrieval process is very easy; you only need to have either your date of birth or CAC registration number on any of the websites. This process depends on the initial registration method and is the same for anyone in any part of the country.

How To Verify Your TIN?

You can verify your Tax Identification Number from either of the following:

The image below shows you step-by-step how to verify your TIN.

Your details are going to appear in this format;

  • TIN
  • Taxpayer’s name
  • Date of issue
  • Tax Authority
  • Address

It’s advisable to keep a printed copy should you need to open a bank account someday or anywhere else you might need to present your TIN proof.

How to Get Tax Identification Number in Nigeria: Final Thoughts

The magic life statement, “prevention is better than cure,” plays a great role in the overall functionality of your business or skill set. So, putting aside at least 5 minutes of your time to fill out the TIN application form and obtain a taxpayer ID will save you from unnecessary spending when possible problems arise.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is NIN the same as TIN in Nigeria?

The National Identification Number (NIN) differs from a Tax Identification Number. While the first has everything to do with your identity as a citizen of Nigeria, the other deals with your entrepreneurial identity in Nigeria.

What is the difference between FIRS TIN and JTB TIN?

Even though both are similar, the JTB TIN is an upgrade of the FIRS TIN. While the FIRS has a 12-digit number code, the JTB has 10 digits specially created in the taxpayer’s name. Every taxpayer needs a JTB Task Identification Number, whether as an individual or business owner (non-individual).

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