How To Start a Laundry Business in Nigeria From Scratch

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There are a lot of profitable businesses in Nigeria, and the laundry business is one of them. With the right value proposition and customer relationship, you can make at least N12,000 daily from this business.

The best part is that you can start a laundry business in Nigeria with a modest budget.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to start a laundry business in Nigeria. You’ll learn, step-by-step, all you need to know about the equipment, setup, and pricing.

What Is the Laundry Business?

what is a laundry business
An image of a laundry business

If you run a business where customers can drop off their dirty laundry and pick it up clean, you are operating a laundry service. 

The business can take the form of a self-service laundromat. This is where customers go to the laundry shops and use the equipment available on the premises to do their laundry by themselves. They pay for the time they spend in the laundromat once they’re done. 

You can also run a drop-off/pick-up service where customers drop off their dirty clothes to the launderer and pick them up at an agreed day or time. 

A laundry business owner can also provide mobile laundry service, dry cleaning, and specialized garment care.

Is the Laundry Business Profitable in Nigeria?

Yes, the laundry business is very profitable in Nigeria. People these days are so focused on their jobs that they welcome any assistance they may obtain with household tasks. They need people to do the laundry and other stuff while they rest over the weekend.

The laundry business is more lucrative in cities than in rural areas because of the high number of working people.

Let me give a little breakdown of how much you can make from the laundry business in Nigeria. For example, if you charge N250 per cloth and in a day you are able to wash fifty clothes, that’s about N12,500. 

Take note that the charges differ depending on the type of fabric, but according to my research, the least a laundry owner can charge for their services is N200.

What Do I Need To Start a Laundry Business?

Having the necessary equipment to run your business is pertinent if you want to run a successful laundry empire.

Here is basic equipment needed for a laundry business, but they is not limited to the following;

Equipment needed to open a laundry business in Nigeria

  • Washing machine
  • ironing table/board
  • Shelf
  • washing machine
  • power generator
  • washing brush
  • Iron
  • Hangers
  • fan or air conditioner

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Laundry Business in Nigeria?

You can start a laundry business in Nigeria with an average budget of 200,000 NGN. If you want to do most of the process manually (like washing by hand), you can get set up with 100,000 NGN or less. If you want to go full industrial, then your budget should start at 500K.

Here’s a basic list of items you could consider purchasing with a budget of 200,000 NGN for starting a laundry business. Please note that these are rough estimates, and actual prices may vary.

ItemEstimated price
Washing machine with dryer (5kg)65,000 NGN
Pressing iron6,500 NGN
Large ironing table (wooden)35,000 NGN
Plastic washing basin (at least 2)4,000 NGN (x2)
Power generator (1.8 kVA)95,000 NGN
Total205,500 NGN

This list assumes that you’re starting with a small washing machine and doing the ironing yourself. It also assumes that you’re using your house for the laundry business. You can rent a store if you want, and the price will be determined by your location.

Remember, starting a laundry business in Nigeria also involves other costs that might not be immediately apparent. This might include business registration, marketing, and potentially hiring employees. 

You should consider these factors when planning your budget.

How to Start a Laundry Business in Nigeria With no Money

Starting a laundry business with no money can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are some steps you can take:

Use what you have

If you have a washer and dryer at home, start there. You can also offer to pick-up and drop-off laundry services to add value.

Work From Home

To save on rent, you can start your business from home. This will also save on the cost of setting up a shop.

Do the Work Yourself

To save on labour costs, you can wash, dry, and iron yourself. As your business grows, you can consider hiring help.

Start with friends or neighbours

Tell your neighbours, family, and work friends you have a laundry business. You can also use free marketing channels to promote your business, like your WhatsApp status.

Approach Businesses

Partner with local businesses, boarding schools, or apartment complexes to offer your services to their customers or residents. They may allow you to do this in exchange for a commission or at no cost to help their residents or customers.

Secure Funding

While starting with no money, you’ll likely need some funding as your business grows. This could come from profits you make, or you might consider applying for small business grants, SME loans, or seeking investments from friends and family.

Reinvest Profits

As you start to make money, reinvest it back into your business. This could be used to upgrade your equipment, expand your services, or hire help.

Remember, starting your laundry business with no money requires creativity, hard work, and a lot of dedication. It might take time to grow your business, but with persistence, you can make it work.

How to Start a Laundry Business – Step by Step

how to start a laundry business in Nigeria
Image of a washing machine section in a laundry business

Step 1: Renting A shop

The first step in starting your laundry business is renting a shop for your washroom in a suitable location. Some of the things you should consider when renting a shop include accessibility, shop rent, competition, and security.

Step 2: Acquire the Necessary Equipment

You cannot run a successful business without buying or getting the equipment needed to carry out your work. I’ve mentioned some of the necessary materials required for a laundry business above; you can acquire more as you expand your business line.

Step 3: Set up the Laundry Equipments

Setting up the laundry equipment requires that you install your newly acquired laundry machine and other relevant laundry machines. It is best to get a professional installer to get the work done properly. Ensure that your shelf does not interfere with the function of your machine. Consider the space in your shop and make strategic arrangements or placements of other equipment or apparatus.

Step 4: Operating your Laundry Business

A unique mode of operation will keep your business afloat. For a successful business, you need to have a unique and special way of running it that will make it stand out from other similar businesses. 

  • One of the ways to make your laundry business successful is by creating a competitive value proposition. You can do this by offering a mobile laundry service where you pick up and deliver customers’ clothes to them.
  • Document your client’s clothes properly by having a comprehensive ordering record book. Be sure to include the collection date, the due date for delivery, and column to sign delivery.
  • Providing excellent customer service. It encourages customers to keep coming back. No one wants to return to a laundry shop that lacks good customer service.

Step 5: Marketing Your Laundry Business 

Marketing simply means promoting your laundry business or whatever services you render. Creating awareness and reaching your target customers is key to success. 

You can use traditional or digital marketing strategies to advertise your business. The traditional marketing strategy involves using offline marketing media like billboards, where you can display your services at strategic locations. 

You can also promote your business on the pages of newspapers, through fliers, or through direct phone calls to friends, colleagues on your contact list.  

On digital platforms, you can use WhatsApp status updates, Facebook updates, Instagram, and Twitter to reach a larger number of target audiences.

Setting Prices for Your Laundry Services

A video on how to start a laundry business in Nigeria.

When setting up your laundry price list, your first step is to find out how much other laundry services charge in your area. Then calculate your operation cost, which includes how much you spend on your light bill, rent, and other expenses. 

Below is a laundry price list in Nigeria; please note that these prices differ based on location and quality of service rendered.

ItemAverage Price (NGN)
Shirt300 – 500
Trousers300 – 500
Suit (2-piece)1,000 – 1,500
Bed Sheet300 – 800
Native Attire500 – 1,000
Duvet1,000 – 2,000
Towel200 – 400
Underwear100 – 200

Best Detergent for Laundry Business in Nigeria

Here is a list of the best detergents for laundry in Nigeria

  • Ariel detergent
  • Canoe laundry detergent
  • Waw detergent
  • Good mama
  • So klin
  • Sunlight

Everyone has what works for them, though. Some people even prefer using homemade liquid laundry. But the detergents mentioned above are our best picks when it comes to doing laundry.

Alternatives to Starting a Laundry Business

Just in case you don’t have the zeal for the laundry business, there are alternative businesses you can venture into. You may consider opening a barber shop, catering service, home cleaning service, or interior decoration business. 

Case Study: A Successful Laundry Business in Nigeria

Meet Eni Ibukun Adebayo, a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria’s laundry industry. As the CEO of CleanAce Drycleaners and Launderers, Adebayo’s 30-year journey is a testament to resilience and hard work. 

Beyond running his business, he mentors aspiring entrepreneurs through his academy, emphasizing the importance of passion and determination. 

Adebayo’s story, from humble beginnings to industry success, underscores the power of perseverance. He advocates for goal setting, meticulous bookkeeping, and a robust business structure as pillars of a successful laundry business. 

His insights and experiences are shared on his social media platforms, serving as a source of inspiration for those ready to embark on their entrepreneurial journey in the laundry business.

Final thoughts 💭

Understanding how to start a laundry business in Nigeria is just the beginning. Success lies in your passion, resilience, and commitment to delivering quality service. 

Remember to keep your prices competitive, maintain a strong online presence, and continually adapt to your customers’ needs. With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to launching a successful laundry business.

Starting a Laundry Business in Nigeria FAQs

How much do laundry owners make in Nigeria?

Laundry owners’ earnings in Nigeria vary widely, depending on factors like location, clientele, and services offered. You could make N14,500 daily, which amounts to N101,500 weekly and N435,000 monthly. After accounting for all expenses, as a laundry business owner in Nigeria, your average net income could exceed N300,000 monthly.

How much would it cost to open a laundry shop?

The cost to open a laundry shop varies based on location, size, and equipment needed. It can range from 100,000 NGN to several million Naira.

How do I get more customers for my laundry business?

To attract more customers, offer excellent service, competitive pricing, and convenient pick-up/drop-off options. Also, invest in marketing and maintain a strong online presence.

How do I become a successful laundry business?

Success in the laundry business requires quality service, efficient operations, good customer relations, and a strong understanding of the market. Continuous learning and adaptation are also key.

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