Duolingo Review 2023: Is the Language Learning App Worth Using?

Duolingo, a language-learning app, offers 37 courses for speakers of various languages. Its English test scores are accepted by several institutions worldwide, making it a valuable learning platform.

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If you are a language enthusiast or want to learn new languages for travel, business, or school purposes, Duolingo is your go-to app. Duolingo is a language-learning app that helps you learn a new language at your convenience.

Our Honest Duolingo Review Verdict

Duolingo is a unique learning platform for learners. It comes with a lot of interesting features that make learning very easy for users. Duolingo uses bite-size lessons that include speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Users are actively involved in the learning experience, and hard work is rewarded at every level of the learning process.

Pros and Cons

Below is a table illustration of the pros and cons of Duolingo.

Why we love Duolingo

  • Its podcasts and interactive features make learning fun and pressure-free
  • The interface is easy to navigate
  • The platform is gamified and allows tracking of lessons’ progress
  • There are a variety of language options to learn on the platform.

What we don’t like about Duolingo

  • There is too much repetition of lessons, which can be boring sometimes.
  • The ads are a bit too distracting
  • Does not give room for too many mistakes. Only 5 lives are lost daily, after which points are taken away for each mistake.
  • Users do not have control over vocabulary, the order of topics, or whether they choose to skip them.

Who Is the Duolingo Platform For?

The Duolingo platform is for people from all walks of life who are interested in learning other languages. The platform is open to both individuals and businesses. 

  • An individual who just want to learn a new language to improve your communications with people around the world 
  • An international business person who comes in contact with people from other countries to improve their business communication.
  • As an international student, Duolingo test scores are accepted in most schools. The knowledge can also help you better understand the language of the country you are studying in, which will help you interact freely with native speakers.

Duolingo offers about 37 language courses for English speakers (the instructions are in English).

  1. Hawaiian
  2. Czech
  3. Irish
  4. Russia
  5. Japanese
  6. Swedish
  7. Scottish Gaelic
  8. Spanish
  9. Yiddish
  10. Zulu
  11. Arabic
  12. Haitian Creole
  13. Swahili
  14. Vietnamese
  15. Welsh
  16. Italian
  17. Korean
  18. Indonesian
  19. French
  20. Irish
  21. Ukrainian
  22. Portuguese(Brazilian)
  23. Hungarian
  24. Hebrews
  25. Chinese
  26. Danish
  27. German
  28. Turkish
  29. Chinese
  30. Dutch
  31. Hindi
  32. Greek
  33. Latin
  34. Polish
  35. Navajo
  36. Norwegian
  37. Romanian

Note that they also offer courses for Spanish and Arabic speakers. E.g.

  • Catalan for Spanish speakers
  • French for Arabic speakers.

How To Open A Duolingo Account 

Signing up or opening a Duolingo account is as simple as opening any other online app. It is a straightforward process. Duolingo works perfectly on Apple, Android, and desktop devices.

Here are detailed steps on how to open a Duolingo account.

Open the Duolingo app on your device or visit the official Duolingo website to create your account by clicking on the “get started” button.

When you click on “get started,” you will be presented with the list of language courses offered by Duolingo. Click on the language you want to learn and proceed.

After picking your language, the next stage is to set the amount of time you want to spend learning on the app daily.

You can choose to learn for like 5-10 minutes each day or intensely for 20 minutes a day. The choice is yours. You decide your learning speed.

Proceed to create your account with your email address, Apple ID (on supported devices), or Google account. Sign up with your preferred method.

If you are using email, provide all the necessary information. Type your name, enter your email in the option bar, and create a strong password.

After providing your email address and other required details, Duolingo will ask you to verify your email to complete the signup process. A verification link will be sent to your email. Click on the link to verify your email. 

Once you’ve completed the verification process, your profile will be created. You can decide to personalize your profile by adding a profile picture.

Once your sign-up process is concluded, you can start your language learning journey. Duolingo will guide you through the whole learning process and provide you with all the materials you need to make your learning worth your time.

Learning Experience on Duolingo

The learning experience at Duolingo is fun-filled and very interactive. The gamification feature takes away the pressure that comes with the learning environment. The little green owl named Duo, who cheers you up and encourages you to complete your lesson tasks, makes the learning journey quite enjoyable.

Successful completion of your daily goals or assignments earns you experience points that serve as a numerical skill ranking. Lessons are categorized into five levels, and they get tougher as you progress. 

The more assignments you complete, the more you have access to the leaderboards competition-style feature. Also, the longer you use the app, the greater your chances of earning the achievement badges and gems that serve as in-game currency.

You can apply your Duolingo course experience to any field in the world. It can even enhance your chances of securing jobs overseas.

How To Find The Best Course on Duolingo

Duolingo offers about 37 language courses on the platform. Upon signup, you are required to pick which course you want to learn on the platform.

Basically, you can find the best courses by checking the number of lessons or crowns each course has.

Currently, the best courses on Duolingo are French and Spanish for English speakers because they have the most content, resources, and lessons, as well as the highest number of learners.

Duolingo Pricing And Payment Options

Duolingo has a free trial version that allows you to learn any new language of your choice.

However, there are paid versions that allow you access to unlimited features and a more advanced learning experience on the platform.

With a little token, you can have access to unlimited hearts and other benefits that only come with the paid version of Duolingo.

Understand Duolingo pricing.

The super-membership version of Duolingo costs about $7.99 a month and a discounted amount of $47.99 a year. Then the family plan costs about $10 a month and $71.99 a year. The family plan allows up to six users. 

Note that you can always cancel the paid version and revert to the free version at any time. Although Duolingo does not have a refund policy, you can get a refund of your subscription through the platform used to subscribe. Cancellations of subscriptions are done based on how you initiated the subscription in the first place. 

You can ask for refunds by following this process:

  • If you subscribed using a Play Store account, go to the help center and follow their refund instructions >> confirm your Google account >> find the order you want to return >> request a refund >> and complete all the requirements. 
  • An email will be sent to you about your refund, but it can take up to 4 working days to process your refund.
  • If you subscribed using desktop web, login to your desktop account, go to your Super Settings page, and click on “Send Feedback,” then send them an email requesting for refund.
  • If you subscribed using your Apple ID, you can visit Apple Support  and login to your Apple ID to initiate your refund process.

Is Duolingo Accredited? 

Yes, Duolingo is accredited and accepted in many countries and institutions worldwide.

Some institutions, like the University of Florida and the University of California, accept Duolingo test results as a substitute for other English proficiency exams like TOEFL and IELTs. 

Some of the countries that accept Duolingo scores include the USA, Ireland, Japan, Australia, Qatar, China, European countries, Thailand,  Canada, etc.

Is Duolingo Certificate Recognized?

Yes, the Duolingo certificate is recognized and accepted by most countries and institutions.

Currently, over 2,000 schools accept Duolingo English tests.

The certificate is highly valued in universities like Arizona State University, Drew University, University of Vermont, University of Alabama, Alexander College, University of Windsor, etc.

Is Duolingo Worth It? Our Detailed Rating

Ease of Use5The platform interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
Instructor Quality4The platform uses experienced instructors from renowned institutions. Instructors are detailed in their teachings.
Learning Experience4The self-paced learning model allows you to learn at your own convenience, though some courses might have a steep learning curve.
Certification Value4Certificates from Duolingo are recognized by employers, making it a valuable platform for professional development.
Support Services4.5Duolingo provides all the necessary learning materials to enhance the user’s learning experience.
Community and Networking4There’s a good level of peer interaction, which can enhance the learning experience, though it might vary across courses.
Overall Rating4.6Duoling offers a comprehensive online learning platform with a plethora of courses from reputable institutions. The intuitive interface, mobile accessibility, and the value of certifications make it a strong contender for individuals looking to enhance their skills online. However, the pricing model can be a bit confusing, and the level of personalized interaction may vary.


Duolingo is a simple and interesting platform to learn new languages or improve your language skills. I strongly recommend the platform for students, businesses, and people seeking opportunities in different countries around the world. I hope that this Duolingo review has enlightened you more about the platform. Sign up today and learn a new language for your personal development and professional advancement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Duolingo free?

Yes, Duolingo is totally free for all users. However, you can upgrade from the free trial to a paid version that allows you to enjoy the no ads feature and more.

Can I become fluent with Duolingo?

Yes, you can become fluent and proficient with Duolingo. It all depends on your personal effort and the time you invest in the learning process. If you take the lessons seriously and complete your tasks daily, it is possible to become fluent with Duolingo in no time.

What is the minimum score for Duolingo?

The minimum score for the Duolingo English test is usually on a scale of 10–160.

How long does it take to get a Duolingo result?

Usually, Duolingo test results are obtained within 2 days after writing the test.

How many times can I retake the Duolingo test for free?

Duolingo tests can be taken as many times as possible; however, there’s a limit to the number of times you can fail the test.

How do I subscribe for Duolingo Super Membership?

You can upgrade to a Duolingo super membership via the web, your Google account, or Apple ID.

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