edX Review 2023 – In-Depth Analysis of edX Online Courses and Certificates

This article gives you a thorough edX review and explains why it is one of the most outstanding when it comes to e-learning.

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This article gives you a thorough edX review and explains why it is one of the most outstanding when it comes to e-learning. As an online platform founded by Harvard and MIT, it is bound to live up to exceedingly high expectations.

Therefore, explore our in-depth review of edX to discover its course offerings, pricing, certification options, and more to determine if it’s the right online learning platform for you.

How Does edX Work?

edX is one of the online learning platforms that offers a variety of open online courses to learners wherever they are. edX also offers micro-bachelors and micromasters programs. The courses consist of text and video content, discussion forums, and different assessments.

Most of the edX courses are free to access. However, as a student, you have to pay a fee for verified certificates, which varies according to the course. There is also a verified track that awards a certificate after you pass a course.

Our Honest edX Review Verdict

edX is a highly recommended online learning giant, not only because of its affiliation with top universities and well-paced courses. This platform offers online courses with an audit track option. This implies that, as an audit learner, you will have temporary access to free course materials.

One of the most remarkable features of edX is its in-depth boot camps and degrees. This enables you to have expert hands-on technical experience in your field, especially computer science. You don’t only have access to high-quality and executive education; you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

Pros and Cons

As prestigious as edX sounds, there are some pros and cons associated with the use of this online learning platform. They include: 

What we like

  • Offers financial aid by giving up to a 90% reduction in verified track fee in order to receive a certificate
  • It has five major categories of courses for different groups of people, including high school students. 
  • There are different learning methods to suit you with interactive labs and experiments.
  • Covers individual courses for personal and professional development
  • Transparent and straightforward pricing structure.
  • With edX, you can take a free course at your own pace and convenience. 

What we don’t like

  • There is no option for offline viewing as the download feature is not available.
  • You can’t view the student ratings and edX reviews on the platform.
  • You can lose access to course materials on the free audit option at the end of the course date.
  • As edX offers courses to many learners, individualized attention and interaction with instructors may be limited.
  • There is a timeframe assigned to each course. This might make it a bit of a challenge to start and complete a course.

Who Is edX For?

edX is so versatile that it can support you at different levels of life. Whether you’re looking for a job, a CV upgrade, a change of field, professional growth, and so on, edX is a good place if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You want to expand your knowledge in the field of technology with hands-on experience.
  • You are looking for an advanced course or courses to boost your resume.
  • You want to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree online that meets elite university standards.
  • You have a busy schedule but still want to acquire knowledge about a particular course.
  • You want to access high-quality education with the aim of changing careers.
  • You want to learn a challenging skill guided by a real expert.
  • You desire to learn a new skill related to or unrelated to your profession.

There are thousands of courses available on EdX. However, the most popular programs and courses include:

Introduction to Computer Science:

This course is offered by the prestigious Harvard University for entry-level learners without experience. The topics available include data structures, algorithms, software engineering, and so on.

The instructors are obviously from Harvard, so you know high quality is guaranteed. The duration of this course is 5 months and requires you to dedicate 5–14 hours of learning weekly.

MITx Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python:

This course is for you if you don’t have prior exposure to programming and computer science. This course will also enable you to learn how to write programs to solve problems or get more opportunities.

This course has expert instructors from MIT with assignments and exams to test your knowledge at the end. The duration of study is 5 months and requires 14–16 hours of dedicated learning per week.

MITx Introduction to Biology—the Secret of Life:

This course will help you understand the fundamentals of genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and so on. It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of biology and chemistry first.

If you want to delve into the field of scientific research, this course is recommended for you. Also, this course will enable you to learn how to apply the principles of modern biology to solve issues in society. The course is taught by three well-qualified instructors from MIT.

ETSx TOEFL Test Preparation: The Insider’s Guide

This test preparation course is offered by experts from the Education Testing Service (ETS) to develop English language skills for learners.

The TOEFL is an English language assessment for people who want to study or work abroad. This course will help you prepare for the TOEFL iBT test, no matter where or how you want to take it.

How to Open an edX Account

Opening an edX account is straightforward and easy.

Here are the steps to open an edX account seamlessly:

  • Open a new browser on your computer and visit edx.org
  • Click register for free on the top right corner of the webpage
  • This takes you to a page where you will input your personal details and choose a password. 
  • At the bottom of the page, there is also an option to register with Apple, Google, Facebook, or Microsoft.
  • Click on Create Account for free.

After creating an account, you can then explore the courses available. There is a wide selection of courses to choose from, but you can narrow down your search.

You can do this by selecting a subject area, skill, program, and level displayed in the left column of the page.

Learning Experience

The learning experience on edX is nothing short of top-notch. Each of the courses offers four major routes of learning. These are;

  • Multimedia learning: This entails interactive learning content using videos, simulations, virtual reality, and animation. This will ensure the topics for the courses are simplified for easy learning and retention.
  • Adaptive learning: edX creates a personalized learning experience with assignments and assessments to test your level of understanding. This platform also has technology partners to deliver course content using the latest technology available.
  • Team-based learning: This encompasses the use of collaboration tools like discussion groups, group chat, video conferencing, and file sharing. This encourages teamwork and collaborative learning.
  • Project-based learning: This is very essential, especially when it comes to boot camps. edX offers you team-based and individual projects to acquire relevant experience in your field of study.

A notable feature is that edX provides discussion forums where you can engage with instructors and fellow learners. These forums serve as a means for asking questions, discussing course topics, and seeking clarification. 

Instructors usually actively participate in these forums to provide guidance and support throughout the course.

A common question asked is: is edX legit? edX is definitely the real deal because it has a lot of reliable partners that provide high-standard education. 

The courses are taught by industry professionals, which ensures the real-world applicability of the knowledge gained. 

Tips to Find the Best Course on edX

Visiting the edX platform and seeing thousands of courses can be confusing, but not to worry. Here are some useful tips that will help you select the best course on this e-learning platform:

Use of search and filter:

This is a helpful feature that enables you to input an area or topic of interest. You can select the following filters: subject, partner, program, level, language, and learning type. This applies to you if you already know what you want to learn.

Go through the course syllabus:

The course syllabus gives you a broad overview of the course and the topics that it covers. This will help you decide if what you want to learn is included.

Start with the audit version:

Auditing the course is one of the learning pathways offered by edX. This will enable you to decide if the course is right for you, and then you can pay later to earn a verified certificate.

Go for courses where you can develop your skills:

For skill development, carefully review the course you’ve selected and the quality of the content to ensure you meet that goal.

Get to know your instructors:

In each course description, you’ll see a “meet your instructor” option. This will provide information on the previous experience and social links of each instructor. This will enable you to get an idea of how the course will be taught.

Schools and partners:

To give a great boost to your resume, it is advised that you study at a particular school. Once you navigate to the list of schools that partner with edX, you can then browse the courses they specifically offer.

Read the learner’s testimonials and edX reviews:

The testimonial section gives you unbiased feedback on what the learning experience was like for others. You can get comprehensive edX reviews from an article like this.

edX Pricing and Payment Options

You can audit almost any course on edX for free. However, to access exams or get a verified certificate, you will need to pay a fee. Below is a simplified price range for each learning category on edX;

ProgramPrice rangePayment Option
One-off courses$50-$150Credit card or PayPal 
Micro Bachelors or MicroMasters program$500-$2500Same
Professional certificates$100-$2000Same
Executive education $1500-$2500Same
edX for business (for companies that want to train their staff)$350 per learner per yearSame
XSeries Programs$100-$2000Same

If you go for the verified track course option, you can receive a refund if you unenroll within 14 days of the purchase or 14 days after the course starts.

edX also offers financial aid. You have to enroll in a course as an audit learner and then complete an application for financial aid. If the application is approved, which may take two to four business days, then you will receive a code for a 90% discount.

However, not all courses are eligible, and you will need to complete the financial aid application on a per-course basis. You also need to submit an essay of at least 1,250 characters.

Is edX Accredited?

Not all edX courses are accredited. The accredited courses are the ones created by universities and hosted on edX. The edX-accredited courses you opt for will depend on your area of specialization or interest. Also, free courses are not accredited.

Although edX gives you access to free courses, you have to pay for accredited courses. These accredited courses usually come with university credits that can accumulate and earn you a university degree or certificate. edX-accredited online courses are graded by real-world industry professionals who also have experience in providing quality education.

Is the edX Certificate Recognized?

edX-verified certificates are more widely recognized across industries than other online learning platforms. A hiring manager may be more inclined to employ you if your certificate of completion is based on a university curriculum.

For instance, you can earn HarvardX certificates that are awarded directly by Harvard University through edX. A lot of employers know that HarvardX certificate programs are of premium quality when it comes to online learning platforms today.

Is edX Worth It? Our Detailed Rating

Ease of Use4edX is easy to use. You only need to input your details to create an account. The platform is well organized for easy navigation. 
Course Selection4.5edX offers a diverse selection of courses from top universities and institutions. This will provide you access to a broad range of subjects and disciplines.
Instructor Quality4.5Every course at edX is taught by instructors from one of its elite universities. You can be assured that the instructors are the top experts in their respective fields.
Learning Experience4edX offers a self-paced learning model. This allows you to learn at your own pace with different learning methods to enhance understanding. 
Cost and Value3.5Some courses on edX are free to audit, but earning a verified certificate incurs a fee. Cost of a certificate depends on the course. However, the value is worth the fee. 
Certification Value4edX offers verified and globally recognized certificates. These can be added to your CV and posted on your LinkedIn profile for future employers. 
Support Services4edX offers you support via its learner help center.  
Practical Experience3.5Some courses include practical assignments but the level of hands-on experience varies. You may need more resources or apply the knowledge in real-world situations. 
Community and Networking3.0The level of interaction amongst learners differs depending on the course. Learners may have fewer opportunities for collaborative learning and group discussions. .
Real-User ReviewsConflicting Reviews are varied across different platforms. It’s advisable to read through multiple testimonials to get a good insight of the courses. 
Overall Rating4.5edX offers a comprehensive online learning platform with a plethora of courses from reputable institutions. Its well-organized interface and the value of certificates make it a strong recommendation for a lot of people. 


In this article, we’ve provided a thorough edX review from different angles. We’ve also addressed the inquiry “ is edX legit?” and how to select the best course for you and open an edX account. If you want to study for a highly reputable degree from wherever you are, edX online classes are a fantastic option. 

edx review

edX e-learning offers some truly amazing benefits. These benefits allow you to expand your skills and knowledge while working or running your business .edX checks all the boxes of top quality, ease of use, adequate study materials, and beginner-friendly courses. This platform is definitely worth considering. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an edX MOOC?

MOOCs, which stand for massive open online courses, are online courses designed to be accessible to students around the world. These courses are offered by edX no matter where you are.

Is edX Certification Worth It?

edX offers courses from the best universities in the world, so getting a certificate is surely worth it. It represents a great difference in your personal and professional growth. This also includes if you want to make a change in your career. 

Can I Use an edX Certificate to Get a Job?

An edX certificate is a good way to get recognized, and it adds value to your resume. Nevertheless, you may not get a job based on an edX certificate alone. This depends on the criteria required for getting employed.

Is edX a Legit Online Learning Platform?

edX has a lot of connections with prestigious institutions globally. Thus, it is a legit online learning platform, although you might find some negative reviews on some courses. You should bear in mind that every online learning platform has its share of good and bad reviews. 

Can I Earn a Degree Through edX?

Yes, edX offers degree programs. In collaboration with different institutions, edX also allows you to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

What Are the Free Courses Offered by edX?

The free courses offered by edX are versatile. Most of the courses have two options: a free audit version and a verified track. You can only get a verified certificate through the verified track option. 

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