Here’s How to Get and Use the Geegpay Virtual Card for Online Purchases

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Have you ever tried to get a virtual card online and found it challenging? This could be to make online purchases on a site you don’t really trust to use your credit card on. Well, a Geegpay virtual card is the solution to this.

Imagine working from home for a foreign company, and receiving payment becomes a major challenge. This is where the Geegpay virtual card comes in.

Why Do You Need a Virtual Card?

Besides convenience and security, here are a few other reasons you should have a virtual card:

  • Supports multi-currency transactions, especially for online purchases.
  • Low opening and maintenance costs with an affordable exchange rate.
  • A virtual card will help you keep your credit card secure while shopping online.
  • Easy to use and quickly accessible

How Does the Geegpay Virtual Account Work?

Geegpay card details.

Geegpay is an online platform that allows you to seamlessly receive USD and GBP payments from abroad. You can also sign up for a Geegpay virtual card.

This Geegpay USD virtual card can be used for different transactions. These are making online purchases, receiving money, and so on.

To create a Geegpay virtual account, you need to follow these easy steps:

  • Visit their official website,
  • Choose an account type: freelancer or company account.
  • Follow the instructions and fill out your details.
  • Set a unique password.

To ensure the security and legitimacy of your Geegpay account, you also need to verify it. This will enable you to gain access to the features and make them fully functional. This requires you to provide some details, such as proof of address, local bank information, and so on.

How to Create a Geegpay Virtual Card

Geegpay virtual card is a secure and versatile payment option designed to enable you to perform transactions. With Geegpay, you can have a virtual dollar card, a virtual GBP card, or a virtual Euro card.

Steps to open a virtual dollar card with Geegpay

The following steps will help you create a Geegpay virtual card:

  • Login to your Geegpay virtual account with your details.
  • Navigate to the cards section and look for the “get a virtual card” option.
  • Provide your details, such as name, type of card, and colour, according to your preference.
  • For Geegpay virtual dollar card creation, you will be charged a one-time fee of $3. This will be deducted from your Geegpay virtual account.
  • You will also need to make an initial deposit of $2 for the activation of your Geegpay card and future transactions.
  • Select the currency you need and click on Create Card.

The card limit for each transaction on your Geegpay virtual dollar card is $2,000. Also, you need to pay attention to your card balance before making online transactions.

What You Can Do With a Geegpay Virtual Dollar Card

You can do the following with your Geegpay virtual dollar card:

  • Make online purchases from websites such as Amazon, Ali Express, and the rest. You can also pay for a subscription with a Geegpay virtual card. 
  • Cash withdrawal: You need to link any of your bank accounts to the platform or PayPal. Your funds will be sent there, which you can then withdraw.
  • Send money with a Geegpay virtual account.
  • Converting currencies: For this, you need to check the exchange rate, which fluctuates daily. Carefully follow the other instructions and finalize your transaction.

How to Use a Geegpay Virtual Card

This is a simplified process, and you can do the above-mentioned transaction with your Geegpay virtual dollar card.

Here are the steps:

  • First of all, get the Geegpay virtual card information you will need. These include the card number, expiration date, name, and card verification value (CVV).
  • Ensure that the correct card network is selected before making an online payment. This can be a Visa or MasterCard.
  • Verify before you visit the website where you want to make an online purchase.
  • Enter your Geegpay virtual dollar card details.
  • Confirm payment and proceed with the transaction.
  • Monitor your Geegpay virtual card balance to ensure the transaction was successful.

How to Fund Your Geegpay Virtual Dollar Card

To fund your Geegpay virtual dollar card, this guide will help you:

  • Login to your Geegpay virtual account with your details.
  • Navigate to the card section and view the details of your Geegpay virtual card.
  • Select the option to add money to your card. You can transfer funds from your Geegpay wallet or via a linked bank account.
  • Input the amount you want to load on your virtual card.
  • Carefully review the details before confirming the transaction. The funds will then be available for use on your Geegpay virtual dollar card.

This Geegpay platform is amazingly convenient, as you can also fund your Geegpay virtual dollar card with Naira. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Navigate to the card page.
  • Select the option Fund Card.
  • Choose from your existing wallet in Naira where the fund will come from. Alternatively, you can transfer funds into your Geegpay virtual naira account before doing this.
  • Complete the transaction, which will also depend on the exchange rate.

How Much Does Geegpay Charge for Transactions?

Geegpay charges an affordable fee for different transactions in addition to the charge for Geegpay virtual card creation.

These charges have been broken down into a table for simplicity;

S/NType of TransactionCharges
1.Creation of a Geegpay virtual cardYou will be charged $2 for a Visa virtual card and $3 for a MasterCard
2.Withdrawal charge (this can vary according to the currency and channel used)For Naira (NGN) withdrawals, you will be charged N15.

The minimum withdrawal amount is N500, and the maximum is $3000 (in naira equivalent).
3.Account deposit charge (depends on currency)For Naira, deposits into accounts are free.

For dollars (USD), the fee is 0.9%, and the minimum deposit is $1.5.

For Euros (€), the fee is 1%, and the minimum deposit is €3.

The fee for Pounds (£) is 1%, with a minimum of £3.
4. Receiving international paymentsYou will be charged 0.9% when you receive payment into your Geegpay virtual bank account.

The minimum charge is $1.5.

Final Thoughts

We’ve critically reviewed all you need to know about getting and using a Geegpay virtual card. There is also relevant information on the charges for different transactions. Using the Geegpay platform is straightforward and easy.

Situations like delays in payments due to local bank issues can be frustrating. Therefore, getting and using a Geegpay virtual dollar card provides one less thing to stress about in Nigeria. Making money is hard enough; you shouldn’t sweat to get paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Geegpay Have a Virtual Card?

Yes, with Geegpay, you can have a virtual card in different currencies, which are dollars, pounds, and euros.

How Secure Is My Geegpay Virtual Account?

Your Geegpay virtual account is very secure, as the platform offers different levels of security. This includes encryption, which provides a safe environment and ensures your account data is never stored.

How Long Does It Take for Geegpay to Verify My Account?

Once the correct information is provided, identity verification and the request for a virtual bank account are instant.

Can I Have a Geegpay Virtual Naira Account?

Yes, it is absolutely possible. You can fund your Geegpay virtual dollar account from there as well.

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