How to Get Chipper Cash Virtual Card: Your Comprehensive Tutorial

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Nigerians have experienced difficulties making financial transactions across the globe. However, in today’s digital world, options like Chipper Cash simplify global shopping and payments. Thus, as a Nigerian, you can seek out how to get Chipper Cash virtual card to ease international payments. 

To get a Chipper Cash Virtual Card, sign into your Chipper account with the latest version of the Chipper App. Proceed to the “Card” tab, select “Claim Card,” and complete the verification requirements section. Submit your documents for review, and once approved, claim your card. Note that you’d choose between a Chipper USD card and an NGN card.

Nigerians have reported increased revenue from leveraging this virtual card.

Does Chipper Cash provide virtual card?

Chipper Cash provides virtual cards for users’ purchases on global platforms or for making other international payment transactions. However, you must create a Chipper Cash account first to get a virtual card.

Basically, you can use your virtual card to make online payments, where Visa cards are an acceptable payment option. You can also budget effectively with the Chipper Virtual Card by using just the amount on your card.

How Does Chipper Cash Virtual Card Work

Chipper Cash is a payment platform that offers a virtual card feature for online purchases and transactions. Chipper Cash generates a unique card number, expiration date, and CVV code for use during online payments. You can access the virtual card feature through the Chipper Cash app.

To make an online payment with Chipper Virtual Card, you must enter your card details into the payment form. The virtual card functions like a regular debit card, deducting the payment amount from the user’s Chipper Cash balance. 

How to Get Chipper Cash Virtual Card

How to get Chipper Cash virtual card
How to get Chipper Cash virtual card

Getting a Chipper Cash virtual card is straightforward. However, ensure you have the most recent version of the Chipper App from either the Play Store or the App Store. Here is how to get Chipper Cash virtual card:

Step 1

Sign into your Chipper account and select the “CARD” section

Step 2

Choose the option “Claim Card.”

Step 3

Click “Address” under the verification requirements section. Choose your country and type in your address.

Step 4

Tap “phone number” under the verification requirements section and enter your number.

Step 5

Next, click “Identification Document” and choose your desired means of identification, upload accordingly, and submit.

Step 6

After submission, your documents status will be awaiting review. Once approved, click to claim your card.

Step 7

Choose your preferred card type between Chipper USD Card or NGN card

Step 8

Wait a few seconds for your card creation then click to continue

Viola! You’ve gotten a Chipper Cash Virtual Card. 

How to Use Chipper Cash Virtual Card

The Chipper Cash Virtual Card is a virtual card you pre-fund and can reload to transact on the global online marketplace. Once you create your Chipper account, you can set up and activate your Chipper Dollar Card, which takes less than 3 minutes. Afterward, you can use the card after adding funds from your Chipper Wallet.

You can use the card online just as you use your hardcopy credit and debit cards offline. You’d be asked to enter the details of your virtual card upon checkout or where payments are required.

How Much is Chipper Cash Virtual Card 

The Chipper Cash Virtual Card is free and can be used in the global virtual marketplace. However, Nigerians pay a one-time token as an issuance fee for the NGN Chipper Card for national online payments.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Virtual Card on Chipper Cash?

Creating an account on Chipper Cash and setting up a virtual card takes a few minutes. However, the verification process could take up to two working days. If, upon review, the verification fails, you’ll be contacted with the reason so you know the next step to take.

How Much is Chipper Cash Dollar Rate to Naira 

The Chipper Cash dollar-to-naira rate is on the high side. Based on our research findings, the rate is 1 dollar to 780–800 NGN.

Funding your Chipper Wallet doesn’t automatically apply the foreign exchange rate. However, the exchange rate applies when funding your Chipper Dollar Card.

How Do I Fund my Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card

funding chipper cash virtual card
Funding chipper cash virtual card

To add funds to your Chipper Dollar Card, you should have set up your Virtual Dollar Account and funded your Chipper Wallet. Thus, to fund your Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card, take the following steps:

Step 1

Click on “Add Funds from Chipper Wallet” on your Card tab

Step 2

Type in the amount you want to add and click “Add Funds.”

Step 3

Your card balance will be funded, while your Chipper Wallet will experience a debit.

How to Withdraw From Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar Card

Follow these simple steps to withdraw funds from your Chipper Dollar Card:

Step 1

Choose the USD card from your Card Tab and click the “withdraw Funds” option.

Step 2

Next, enter the desired withdrawal amount for your Chipper Wallet.

Step 3

Click on “Withdraw Funds” while noting the applicable Dollar-NGN exchange rate.

Step 4

Your Chipper Wallet is funded, while the Dollar Card will be debited.

Note: You can also view your withdrawal information on the Home/Card page. Also, you may receive 

Other Virtual Card Options

If you’ve tried Chipper Cash but don’t like it, there are other virtual card options you can consider.


Many Nigerians have been actively working in the gig economy in recent years. Thus, they work for Nigerian and non-Nigerian clients. 

Despite the wide range of payment options available worldwide, receiving payment from foreign clients has been difficult. Geegpay helps improve this challenge as gig workers use it to receive payments and generate invoices. 

Users can also set up a US dollar account and get a virtual dollar card for $2. However, you must have completed the registration and account verification processes.


ALAT is fondly seen as Nigeria’s first fully digital bank because it provides a digital banking experience for its growing customers. 

After creating an account within five minutes, an automated savings platform and loan access It also features cards that allow you to make national and international payments. ALAT users can use the virtual dollar and dollar credit cards to transact on global platforms and other subscriptions.


Many Nigerians have used cryptocurrencies to bypass the apex bank’s transaction limits. Thus, Changera was launched in 2021 to aid this bypass attempt. 

Changera provides a virtual dollar card for making online payments. Users can transfer money, convert currencies, and set up a virtual bank account. It features free and paid plans, but only users on the paid plans can create foreign currency accounts.


Payday is a fintech startup that enables Africans to receive or send money intercontinentally. It works by offering virtual accounts that are domiciled in the US or the UK. That way, Payday users can transact like locals but from a different geographic location.

Users can also set up a virtual dollar card to make monthly transactions worth $25,000. There are no charges for getting a card. However, users must complete a verification process.

Gomoney Virtual Dollar Card 

Gomoney is a trusted and user-friendly digital bank designed for Nigerians. It provides a seamless online banking experience with added features for easy and hassle-free transactions. Gomoney offers peer-to-peer payments and access to third-party services. 

The platform is known for its simplicity, user friendliness, and convenience. Obtaining a Gomoney Virtual Dollar Card is a straightforward process. Just open a Gomoney account and upgrade to level 2, which has three tiers in total. 

With the Virtual Dollar Card, users can make online purchases internationally and locally in Nigeria. The cash limit in your account varies depending on the tier level you have reached.

Other Facts About Chipper Cash

How to get Chipper Cash virtual card
How to get Chipper Cash virtual card

Aside from knowing how to get a Chipper Cash Virtual Card, here are other basic facts about this virtual card platform:

  • Chipper Cash features several financial products, with the recent addition being trading options for cryptocurrency.
  •  Though available in many parts of the world, Chipper doesn’t currently offer cryptocurrency in Nigeria. This is due to the anti-crypto regulations by the Central Bank of Nigeria. However, this is subject to change if the condition of the CBN’s directive changes in the future. 
  • Concerns about the platform’s trustworthiness have been laid to rest after a series of investigations and investment records. 
  • Two Africans co-founded Chipper Cash. One is Majid Moualed from Ghana, and the other is Ham Serunjogi from Uganda. However, they launched the platform in the U.S.
  • Chipper Cash generates revenue from its other arm of service, Chipper Checkout. The payment product is a significant catalyst for Chipper Cash’s ability to offer virtual payment products for free. 


is Chipper Cash Virtual Card still working?

Yes, Chipper Cash’s virtual card is still working. In Nigeria, the virtual dollar card is used for making global online transactions once you fund it from your Chipper wallet.

Also, you can use the NGN card to transact on any approved platform in Nigeria. 

How do I use my Chipper Virtual Dollar Card?

Learning how to use a Chipper Cash virtual card is hassle-free. Simply create a Chipper account and set up your virtual dollar card. Once activated and funded, you can pay for global subscriptions, transact on shopping platforms, and receive payments.

Will Chipper charge me for a declined transaction due to insufficient funds? 

Yes, you will. Each unsuccessful USD card transaction due to insufficient funds is subject to a non-refundable fee of 500 NGN. However, you can avoid this fee by always funding your Chipper USD Card enough to transact at given times.

Can I use my Chipper Dollar Card on all international platforms?

You can use your Chipper Dollar Card on numerous global platforms, but not all. This is because you can only use your card on websites belonging to merchant categories approved and supported by Chipper. 

The list of supported and unsupported merchant categories may change in the future. However, some supported platforms include SheIn, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Fashion Nova, Apple, Alibaba, Spotify, and AliExpress.

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