How Does Chipper Cash Work? A Simple Guide for Freelancers

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How does Chipper Cash work? Can I receive payments in foreign currency through Chipper Cash? Questions like these run through the minds of some Nigerian freelancers. This is because you want to get the best exchange rates and reduce transaction fees on your earnings. 

Chipper Cash is one of the platforms that come with the solutions to these problems. Not only is it amazing for freelancers, but it is also great for business owners, friends, and families. It is for anyone who needs to send and receive funds across different countries. These countries include Nigeria, the UK, Rwanda, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, and Uganda. 

This article on ‘How Chipper Cash Works? A Simple Guide for Freelancers’ would take you on a deep dive through the payment platform. You might also want to check out another piece of ours on How To Make Money on Chipper Cash? 

What Is Chipper Cash App All About?

The Chipper Cash App is all about sending and receiving international payments while paying fewer transaction fees at high exchange rates. That is, the app helps you to spend less and earn more. 

If you’ve got funds on Upwork, Fiverr, or other freelance websites, you can use Chipper Cash to receive your money. Especially since the popular payment platforms like PayPal come with higher transaction fees. Also, you can earn money on Chipper Cash through investment. 

Is Chipper Cash A Bank? 

Yes. Chipper Cash is a virtual bank that gives you a virtual bank account number. Funds sent into the account number are credited to your Chipper Cash wallet. Also, you can get a virtual card on Chipper Cash for your online transactions. However, you cannot access loans on the payment platform as you can on other banks. 

How Does Chipper Cash Work? 

With the help of Chipper Cash, users can send and receive money between seven African nations and the UK. Through the platform, you may easily complete transactions by connecting your bank account or debit card to your Chipper Cash account. 

You have the option of sending money to contacts in your phonebook or through your social media accounts. Also, the service offers reasonable exchange rates and supports currency conversions. 

With the help of Chipper Cash, you may send and receive money more quickly and securely across borders.

Can Chipper Cash Be Trusted?

Yes. Chipper Cash can be trusted. This is because it is secured and your personal information as a customer is protected. Also, they have been trusted by up to 3 million customers who are using their platform. 

Is Chipper Cash Approved By CBN?

Yes. Chipper Cash is approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria. This is why you cannot get verified on the platform until you provide your bank verification number (BVN).

Requirements for Opening a Chipper Cash Account

To open a Chipper Cash account, you need to meet the following requirements.

  • Own a smartphone or laptop.
  • Have access to a good internet connection.
  • Have your BVN.
  • Have a working phone camera or webcam and lighting to take a selfie during the verification process.

How To Open A Chipper Cash Account

Follow these step-by-step procedures to open a Chipper Cash account.

Step 1: Download Chipper Cash 

Visit your app store on iOS or Android device and download the Chipper Cash application.

Where to download Chipper Cash
Where to download Chipper Cash

Step 2: Launch The Application 

Launch the app and click on Create an account. Here, you can choose between creating your account via phone number or email. You’d receive a one-time password through your preferred account creation option. Enter the OTP to proceed. 

Step 3: State The Reasons Why You Need The Account 

You’d be taken to a page where you’d have to select up to 3 options for the reasons why you need this account. Afterwards, click on ‘Next’ to continue.

Step 4: Fill Out Your BioData

Follow the prompts to fill out your name, date of birth, and address. Make sure to use your Legal name. Also, while filling in your address, you might find that your address isn’t available on the suggestion. Click on any close suggestion, then edit it to suit your current address. 

Step 5: Create A CashTag

Next, fill out your nationality and place of birth. Then you create a 4-digit pin and biometrics (fingerprint) for the account. You also need to create a tag. Use a name that’s convenient for you and not currently in use by another Chipper Cash customer. A combination of names and numbers gets it done quickly. 

Step 6: Explore The Welcome Page

At this point, you’re almost done. You’d be taken to a welcome page on the app. When you click ‘Next’ you’d see all the Chipper Cash account features such as airtime purchases, bill payments, add money, etc. However, you cannot use any of these features until you verify your account.

Step 7: Get Started With Account Verification 

Start the account verification process. To do this, click on your profile at the top right corner of the page. Next, scroll down and click on ‘Get verified.’ You’d be prompted to take a selfie and enter your BVN. Once verified, you’re done. 

Step 8: Verify A Means Of Identification 

If you intend to use your account to invest in US stock or you need a virtual card, you have to take another step. Here you get verified with either your NIN, Driver’s license, or International passport. All you need to do is to snap and upload your choice of ID among the three options. Note that you have only four attempts if your ID is rejected. 

How To Fund Chipper Cash Account

To add funds you need to first copy your Chipper Cash account number. Next, go to the bank app from which you want to transfer funds. Then send the amount you intend to fund your Chipper Cash account with to the account number you copied. Your Chipper Cash account will be credited with the funds. 

How Do I Withdraw Money From Chipper Cash? 

To withdraw funds, first link the bank account you want to credit to your Chipper Cash account. Next, click on ‘Cash out’ and select the linked account. Then enter your desired amount and confirm the transaction. 

How Many Countries Use Chipper Cash? 

Currently, there are seven African countries and the UK on Chipper Cash that Nigerians can send and receive funds. They are Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, and South Africa. However, the United States residents on Chipper Cash can send and receive funds from US residents only. 

What Is a Chipper Cash Tag? 

The Cash tag is your unique name on the payment platform. To get a Cash tag, go to your profile and select personal, then click on the ‘Cashtag field’. Next, choose your desired nickname as Cash tag and click on ‘Set’. 

Alternatives to Chipper Cash

Alternatives to the Chipper Cash account are bound. Here is a description of a few.


Changera is an excellent alternative to a Chipper Cash account. It allows its customers to send and receive funds from over 70 countries. You can access multi-currency wallets, which include fiat and cryptocurrency. It comes in three plans. The standard plan is free, while the freelancer and premium plans are $50/annum and $100/annum respectively. 


Sudo.Africa is another alternative to the Chipper Cash account. It is flexible to navigate and can be used to send and receive funds. Another good news is that they offer both physical and virtual cards. It is amazing for developers who seek to create financial features to suit their clients’ businesses. 


Geepay is becoming popular among freelancers and other professionals in Africa. It is a nice alternative to Chipper Cash. Not only can you receive foreign currency through the platform, but you can also generate invoices and track payments. Another advantage is the opportunity to create a Dollar, Euro, or GBP account. You can also get a USD virtual card. 


Payday allows you to open over 20 international currency accounts to send and receive payments. It is a good alternative to Chipper Cash. It is secured and trusted by freelancers, remote workers, and several professionals. gives you USD, EUR, and GBP accounts to receive funds from other countries. This makes it similar to Chipper Cash and thus an excellent alternative. With Grey, you can get paid by foreign employers, exchange currencies, and send funds to friends and families in the diaspora. Review: Your Comprehensive Guide To Maximising Earnings


Chipper Cash comes with some of the solutions to the problems freelancers and remote workers face in Africa. Especially, when they need to receive funds from foreign clients. 

Some parents and families are also grateful to the payment platform for making it easy to send money to their kids in the diaspora. If you’re having difficulty getting your ID verified on the platform, you might want to check out some of the alternatives listed above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Receive Dollar On Chipper Cash?

Yes, you can receive dollars on Chipper Cash. However, the funds would be sent to your Chipper Cash dollar account. Then, you can transfer it to any of your Nigerian bank accounts or a domiciliary account. 

How Do I Convert USD To Naira On Chipper Cash?

To convert USD on Chipper Cash to Naira, you need to transfer the USD to your NGN account. Click on ‘cash out’ on Chipper Cash and select your USD balance. Specify the amount you want to cash out and select an NGN account. The funds would be transferred at the current CBN rate. 

Can Chipper Cash Send Money From The USA To Nigeria?

Yes. Cross-border transfers are possible on Chipper Cash. You can receive money from the USA and have it credited to your dollar account on Chipper Cash. 

How Do You Make Money Investing In Chipper Cash?

Making money through investment in Chipper Cash is the same as making money while trading the stock market. With Chipper Cash, you select the company you wish to invest your money with and buy their stock. 

Is My BVN Safe With Chipper Cash?

Yes. Chipper Cash is a secured payment platform that keeps its customers’ information secured. Your BVN, NIN, and other personal information are not shared with the third party 

Can I Use Chipper Cash To Buy Bitcoin?

Yes. You can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using your Chipper Cash account. To do this, head to the ‘invest tab’ and select Bitcoin. However, this opportunity isn’t available to Nigerians. Currently, only Ugandans and South Africans can buy cryptocurrencies on Chipper Cash. 

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