How To Make Money As a Graphic Designer In Nigeria – 8 Ways

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Graphic Design is one of the online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria. If you are thinking of learning graphic design to make money or you are a graphic designer wondering how to make money as a graphic designer in Nigeria, then this article is for you. 

Among other things, here is a brief outline of what you will get from this article:

  • multiple ways to make money from graphic design in Nigeria.
  • essential requirements for making money from graphic design in Nigeria
  • how much it cost to learn graphic design in Nigeria
  • juicy tips for a successful graphic design business in Nigeria.

Who is a Graphic Designer?

who is a graphic designer definition

Before I show you ways to make money from graphic design, it is important that I tell you who a Graphic Designer is.

A graphic designer is someone who creates attractive visual content or designs that appeal to viewers. They may be professionals with a University degree or not. This is because you do not need to attend a University to become a Graphic Designer.

A graphic designer creates logos, printable wall decorations, business cards, ebook templates, graphic novels, GIFs or animations, web icons, fonts, stickers, and more.

Is Graphic Design Profitable in Nigeria?

The graphic design business is profitable in Nigeria for a number of reasons, which include:

  • All businesses, small, medium, and large, require graphic designs to advertise or market their products or services to customers, which include ads on billboards, posters, handbills, online ads, and more.
  • The cost of graphic design jobs in Nigeria ranges from ₦5,000 to ₦50,000 or more, depending on the kind of project and the experience of the designer 

Requirements for making money from Graphic Design in Nigeria

Graphic design is a relatively low-capital business. With ₦200,000, you can start your graphic design business. Things you need are:

  1. A good phone (preferably android or iOS)
  2. A laptop
  3. Adequate power supply
  4. Internet
  5. Graphic design apps
  6. Online courses.

There are various graphic design apps to choose from; the most popular ones are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Express, GIMP, and Canva. With your phone, you can begin to make money by creating simple designs using Canva

Although a degree is not required to become a graphic designer, it is necessary that you take online courses to increase your knowledge and make you more valuable. 

You can take free courses on YouTube or paid courses on Udemy and Skillshare. Graphic Design Fundamentals is one of those courses on Udemy for Beginners.

How much does it cost to learn Graphic Design in Nigeria?

Just like any other online course, the cost of learning graphic design in Nigeria varies from one online platform to another.

The cost of learning graphic design can range from as low as ₦5,000 to as high as ₦30,000. 

However, even if you don’t have the money yet, you can still learn for free on platforms like YouTube. You can take the Graphic Design Course on YouTube for Beginners and Intermediate learners.

Paid online courses on Udemy, Skillshare, and more range from beginner to professional courses. Graphic Design for Real Beginners is one such course on Udemy for beginners, and Become a Professional Graphic Designer for professionals. 

These courses cost less than ₦20,000 on the Udemy platform.

8 ways to make money as a Graphic Designer in Nigeria

There are various ways you can make money as a Graphic Designer in Nigeria, whatever your niche. However, in this article, I am giving you eight popular ways you can make money as a Graphic Designer.

1. Designing Social Media Graphics and Highlight Covers

Social media graphics are one popular way to earn money as a graphic designer. A lot of people today need help with social media. You can sell social media graphics templates and pre-formed Instagram highlight covers.

You may not earn much from this at once, but it compounds after a while.

2. Creating and Selling Templates

This is by far one of the most profitable ways to make money as a graphic designer in Nigeria. You just need to make some templates, and they can be for anything from posters to ebooks to party invites and beyond.

Sell your templates online, using social media channels to market your products. Bloggers and small business owners can customise these templates to suit their needs by purchasing them. 

3. Sharing Knowledge through Workshops or Webinars

Online learning has become popular over time, and you can also earn money from it. 

If you are very knowledgeable about graphic design, perhaps you have certifications and have practised over a period of time, and you can teach others. You can sell online access to workshops, webinars, or courses where you teach others about graphic design.

Selar is just one of many online platforms where you can offer and sell your courses. 

4. Be a Design Consultant

You make money as a consultant by charging people for an hour or two of your time whenever they have a question about a design or would like some guidance. Your opinions may include how to become a graphic designer, how to make money from graphic design, and more.

To get jobs as a design consultant, open accounts on Upwork and Fiverr.

5. Making Pre-Made Logo Packages

Another great way to earn money in graphic design is by creating and selling a variety of different logos online.

This is how most small businesses that cannot afford customised logos get their business logos. All they do is buy pre-made logos from you, open the file, replace the colours and words with theirs, and they have their logos.

6. Selling Customised Branding Packages

Selling branding packages is a very lucrative way to earn money as a graphic designer. You can make up to ₦100,000 or more with this approach if you are in high demand.

These branding packages include colour schemes, fonts, personalised logos, and other things that help brands stand out. 

7. Creating and Selling Printables

Creating and selling printables online is a great way to make money as a graphic designer. Printables are digital products, so all you need to do is send a PDF version when anyone makes a purchase. 

Online platforms like Esty are great for selling your printed designs.

8. Working with Clients as a Freelancer

Lastly, you can work with clients as a freelance graphic designer. There are online platforms where you can get freelance graphic design jobs. All you need to do is register on these platforms, upload your skills and portfolio, and have clients contact you for jobs.

I will give you more information about platforms where you can get freelance jobs in another section.

How to Get Graphic Design Clients in Nigeria

As a Graphic Designer in Nigeria, it is not enough to have physical clients; you should also get freelance jobs online. You may like to check out our article on how to start freelancing in Nigeria.

Here is a brief list of the best places to get graphic design clients in Nigeria:


This is one of many platforms where you can hire freelance designers and other professionals. 

All you need to do is create a profile, add your skills, and add a good portfolio. A good portfolio is important because you need to show that you are reliable.

You can also read our article on how to succeed on Upwork as a Nigerian. 


Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms where clients meet freelancers in various professions.

You need to create a seller’s account and set up a gig containing your sample and service charge. When interested clients click on your gig, you can start negotiations and seal a deal. Once you finish the deal, you get paid.

You might also like our post on how to make money on Fiverr in Nigeria.


Designhill is one of the best platforms to make money off your graphic design skills. Numerous clients on the platform are looking for graphic designers for short- and long-term projects.

All you need to do is upload appealing samples and captivating proposals. You can also sell products like logos, business cards, brochures, and more on the platform.


99Designs is a third-party platform that recommends you to a client whose description matches your profile. Then, you will negotiate with the client and accept the offer. 

With over a million clients on the platform, you stand a good chance of getting gigs.

Tips for Success as a Graphic Designer in Nigeria

To succeed as a Graphic Designer in Nigeria, there are some guidelines you should adhere to for yourself:

Network on Social Media Platforms

You need to advertise your work on social media platforms to succeed as a Graphic Designer in Nigeria. 

Leverage Instagram reels, Instagram Ads, WhatsApp statuses, and Google Ads to make your business visible to the world. Share your finished work on these platforms and engage with others in your niche.

You must follow the trends in your industry so that you can continue to create up-to-date designs for your clients.

Set personal guidelines for work

As a freelancer, you get to set your own working hours, how much work you want to do at a given time, and deadlines for the gigs you get.

All these take diligence and hard work, which you must imbibe if you are to succeed as a graphic designer.

Final thoughts 💭

If you’re a creative person, I recommend graphic design for you. There are lots of opportunities and this article has outlined how to make money as a graphic designer in Nigeria.

Apart from the list I’ve given, you can also make money by selling stickers and designing fonts for Creative Market or Etsy.

To stand out in the design industry, you will need to become a professional by getting certified. You can become a certified Product Designer, front-end developer, creative director, and more. 

If you are already a graphic designer, you can increase your income by getting freelance jobs from Upwork, Fiverr, and other platforms today.

How to make money as a graphic designer in Nigeria – FAQs

Do graphic designers make good money in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, graphic designers have the potential to earn a substantial income. The average base salary stands at ₦705,273. However, depending on their experience and skill set, their earnings can vary significantly, ranging from as low as ₦21k to as high as ₦3m.

How much do graphic designers charge in Nigeria?

Graphic designers in Nigeria charge based on their level of expertise and the project’s complexity. Beginner designers might charge anywhere from ₦0 to ₦50,000. Those with intermediate experience typically charge between ₦50,000 and ₦500,000. On the other hand, highly experienced designers or design studios may charge upwards of ₦1.5 million.

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