7 Online Tutoring Sites in Nigeria + How to Get Started

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Regardless of what you do to make a living, virtually everyone has an area of expertise they can share as a teacher, especially if you have a passion for impacting knowledge.

When it comes to academics, every parent wants their child to be the best. This is where the relevance of online tutoring sites in Nigeria and employing the services of private tutors comes in.

If you have a flair for teaching and are looking for ways to start a career as a tutor, this article has you covered.

You’ll get to know the various online tutoring sites in Nigeria and all you need to become a successful tutor in Nigeria.

7 Online Tutoring Sites in Nigeria to Start Teaching

These online tutoring platforms are a convenient way to register and become an online tutor. These platforms include:

1. Prepclass

Prepclass is one of the top educational technology companies that employ the services of professional tutors who have been individually vetted for the suitability of the subjects they desire to teach.

This tutoring platform also helps with different test prep, such as IELTS, GMAT, and so on. To register on this platform it is very easy, as you just need to visit their website, fill out your details and follow subsequent instructions. 

2. Tuteria

This is a tutoring website that offers a variety of services. In addition to academics, this platform offers tutoring for skills like music, photography, public speaking, languages, computer skills, and so on.

This implies that if you have these skills, you can register on their website and get assigned a unique tutor ID. You will use this ID when interacting with the website after the registration and screening process. 

3. City Tutors

City Tutors offers the following online tutoring services: tuition for different languages, tuition for science subjects, preparation for various international exams, web design tuition, and the rest.

Registration is free, but they will charge a commission for each tutoring job they assign to you.

4. Proteach

This online tutoring company offers private home tutoring services via their highly qualified tutors. They ensure that they offer guaranteed services by employing qualified tutors.

Their tutoring services range from different subjects like English language, mathematics, chemistry, and so on to special exam prep like WAEC and NECO.

5. Homeworks

This online tutoring site in Nigeria offers both online classes and private home tuition to both local and international students preparing for various exams.

They also have a study abroad program where they help prospective students prepare for admission exams, interviews, and essay writing. Registering on this platform can give you exposure as well as broaden your teaching experience.

6. Compass Tutor

This reputable tutoring company has a wide range of trusted tutors to meet the ever-increasing and competitive educational sector. In addition, they also offer translation services and study abroad coaching.

This online tutoring platform in Nigeria has the advantage of offering a variety of services, so you can easily find your area of expertise with the training services offered when you become a tutor.

However, the screening process can be a rigorous journey, but it is worth it in the end.

7. Superprof

Superprof is an international tutoring platform where you can register and become a qualified tutor from Nigeria. It is highly competitive but well organized once you’re able to set up your profile and start working as a tutor.

Why Should You Consider Becoming a Tutor in Nigeria?

Becoming a tutor can be a satisfying and lucrative career path, especially if you are gifted at teaching. Other reasons you should consider becoming an online tutor in Nigeria are:

  • It can be challenging and can make you sharpen your teaching skills and become versatile as different teaching techniques work for different students.
  • It enables you to be flexible with your time and work independently.
  • It can improve your resume and open doors to other opportunities.
  • You can get international exposure if you register and get retained by a tutoring company that offers different services and is not only based in Nigeria, like Superprof.
  • Online tutoring can enable you to set your own rate, particularly if you are highly skilled in teaching your area of expertise.
  • You can substantially boost your earnings with a tutoring job.
  • You can combine tutoring with any other job you’re doing as long as you can manage your time properly.

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Requirements to Become an Online Tutor in Nigeria

Generally, an online tutor is expected to be skilled at teaching or an expert in a subject area. Also, you should have the following qualifications:

  • Teaching experience or certification
  • Preferably a bachelor’s degree in education in a particular subject area.
  • Subject-specific certification or certificate of completion of a particular skill pertinent to the tutoring company.

How to Become an Online Tutor in Nigeria

So, the next question is, How do you begin? The following are straightforward guidelines on how to become an online tutor in Nigeria:

Start an online course on what you want to teach

This is vital if you love teaching but don’t have the knowledge of the subject area you want to teach. You can also learn from qualified teachers engaged in online tutoring how to be effective at it.

Start as a home tutor

This is applicable if you have adequate qualifications and have access to potential clients who can trust in your abilities and skills.

Nevertheless, you need to keep an accurate record of all communication between you and your clients, especially when it involves financial matters such as payment and rates.

Register with an online tutoring website

We’ve already given a comprehensive list of the online tutoring sites in Nigeria, so it’s left for you to visit their websites, fill out the application form, and participate in the subsequent screening processes.

Verification and background check

This will be done by the tutoring company’s support team. However, you need to ensure that your references are valid, your credentials are authentic, and you’re cleared of any criminal records.

Get conversant with the teaching curriculum and materials

You need to do this if you’re registered to tutor online classes. Go through the class works of the students or students you’re assigned to and understand their challenges.

You also need to get acquainted with the online teaching tools, and the tutoring website support team will guide you through the process. This will enable easy navigation during online classes.

Adequate Preparation for your tutoring session

Ensure you are well-prepared before any tutoring session by creating lesson plans and gathering materials or resources for what you’re teaching. Then, you can start tutoring and ensure you make it lively and interactive.

How to Choose the Best Platform to Register as an Online Tutor

Now, here are some tips that will help you narrow down the online tutoring sites in Nigeria that will not only offer you a chance to improve your skills as a teacher but will also serve as a tremendous boost to your CV.

These tips are:

  • Do your research on the various tutoring websites in Nigeria and identify your area of expertise.
  • Ensure your time management schedule corresponds with that of the tutoring company if you have another job aside from being an online tutor.
  • Carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the tutoring company, especially when it comes to the commission they charge or any deductions from your pay.
  • Make an inquiry to know if there is an opportunity for growth or training to expand your skills and knowledge as an online tutor.
  • Consider the features of the tutoring website, ease of use, and security before you make any decision.

How to Get More Students as an Online Tutor

Becoming an online tutor in Nigeria can be competitive because there are other people just like you who aspire to do the same. Hence, here are some strategies to get more students, particularly if you want to tutor in a private home.

  • Spread the word using your social media platforms: Be sure to clearly state your areas of expertise, rates, and availability on all your platforms, which can also include your friends and family.
  • Update your profile regularly; this will enable both new and old clients to see that you are upgrading yourself and your skills. For example, if you complete an online course relevant to your area of expertise, you can share that information or even testimonial videos from the students you’ve tutored before.
  • Be responsive: As an online tutor, you need to respond to inquiries or concerns from clients in a timely manner. This will encourage your clients to refer you to other potential clients who will need your services.
  • Collaborate with other freelance tutors: You can ask questions and discover other strategies to become a successful tutor.
  • Ensure your availability corresponds with your students: This will give them confidence that you’re reliable and open doors to more opportunities.

Final Thoughts

We’ve comprehensively reviewed the online tutoring sites in Nigeria, how to become an online tutor in Nigeria, the requirements, and how to choose an online tutoring platform. As rewarding and fulfilling as online tutoring is, you need to commit a lot of time to planning and dedication to succeed in this business. 

Remember that being organized is critical for the effective transfer of information. Also, finding joy in what you do can open greater doors for you. The happiness infused into your work can make you an excellent tutor, and this can compel others to offer you an incredible opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Home Tutors Charge in Nigeria?

The hourly rates generally range from ₦1000 to ₦3000 in different states of Nigeria and are slightly higher in cities like Abuja and Lagos.

How Can I Start Private Tutoring From Home?

First of all, decide on the subject you want to tutor, determine if you have tutoring equipment and materials, and establish a rapport with neighboring schools where you can meet the parents of the students that might need your services.

What Are the Best Subjects to Tutor?

The most popular and in-demand subjects are mathematics, English, chemistry, physics, and different languages.

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