Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria Without a Website in 6 Steps

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Affiliate marketing in Nigeria has been and will always be in style because it’s one of the fastest ways for you to make money. If you’ve read our guide on how to start affiliate marketing, you might get the impression that having a website is necessary. But that’s not always the case.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Without a Website Work?

Affiliate Marketing without a website involves leveraging other social networks to promote a certain product or service to the right audience. Usually, people create promotional blog posts and publish them on a website so that readers can directly shop through the web links.

The good side of affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website is that you can do the same thing and reach the same result. In this case, you’ll not have to go through the stress of owning a website, which, of course, can be expensive to maintain.

Doing affiliate marketing without a website

Affiliate Marketing without a website works this way: by creating posts that connect your product with your audience. These can therefore be shared across different social media platforms like WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Telegram, etc.

These platforms also have the tendency to provide other sources of income aside from affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website.

Pros and Cons of Doing Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria Without a Website

Starting affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website has both good and bad sides, as this outline below shows. This would enable you to weigh or manage your options in this business. 

The Pros

  • Low Startup Costs: You don’t need to invest in website design, hosting, or maintenance. This can make it a more accessible option for those with a limited budget.
  • Flexibility: You can promote your affiliate links in a variety of ways, such as through social media, email marketing, or online forums.
  • Ease of Use: Without a website to manage, you can focus more on your marketing strategies and building relationships with your audience.
  • Quick Start: You can start promoting products immediately after joining an affiliate program without having to wait for a website to be designed and built.

The Cons

  • Limited Control: Without your own website, you’re reliant on third-party platforms for your marketing. These platforms may have rules and restrictions that limit your marketing strategies.
  • Less Professional: Having your own website can lend credibility to your business. Without one, potential customers may view your business as less professional.
  • Potential for Lost Traffic: If you’re relying on social media or other platforms for your marketing, changes to algorithms or policies could significantly impact your visibility and reach.
  • Less Trust: People tend to trust businesses with a professional web presence more. Without a website, building trust with your audience can be more challenging.

Choosing the Right Affiliate Program in Nigeria

Choosing the right affiliate program in Nigeria starts from a place of passion. You’re most likely going to do your best with a program or product you believe so much in, are excited about, and are positive that it works.

Choosing the best affiliate programs in nigeria

This is where selecting a niche comes in because streamlining your choices will enable you to find the right network to affiliate with and the right customers or audience for it. 

There are a variety of programs you can affiliate with and terms to consider when starting off. They include:

  • How popular are they? This is because people are most likely to purchase from a well-known brand with confidence.
  • How friendly is their sales commission? You want to make sure that what you earn is equivalent to the energy you’re putting into publicity and marketing.
  • How flexible are they? You must make sure to work with a brand that’s willing to respond to complaints from customers to encourage returning customers.
  • What are their working terms? Understanding the working terms of your supplier or producer and keying into that to build a good working relationship

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Strategies for Successful Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria Without a Website

There are different strategies worth adopting if you want to build a successful affiliate marketing business in Nigeria without a website.

1. Utilising Social Media Platforms

It’s no news that while lots of people exhaust their time on various social media platforms, there’s still a chance you can play into the time they spend there. We have listed how to maximise your chances and boost sales as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria without a website.

using social media to start affiliate marketing in nigeria without website

Facebook groups is the easiest way to find people who are interested in the same topic, product, or area of interest. When you’ve found the right group that matches what you’re affiliating with, you can start engaging with the community by liking their posts, commenting, and following the group guidelines in creating your own post. 

You must understand that Facebook groups can be somewhat spammy, so creating promotional posts about your product or service is straight to the point and has the necessary CTA to follow.

Preferably, you can create a Facebook page of your own, and you’re sure it’ll consistently attract people who are interested in what you do on your page.

Creating a Facebook page requires constructing clear and precise information about your product or service. You’ll need to attach catchy pictures as well as, most importantly, an access link where interested customers can reach out to you.

When your page is ready, you can start creating posts that vary between educational, entertaining, and promotional, all driving toward your goals. Then you can go ahead and promote your content for more visibility and conversions.

Instagram ads allow you to display products on your feed for wider publicity, generating sales leads. As an affiliate marketer leveraging Instagram to attract an audience, you must make sure to set up a direct link in your Instagram bio.

These links could be your WhatsApp, Facebook, or YouTube links, which would help potential customers reach out to you or the supplier easily.

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As an affiliate marketer on Twitter, adopting trends to blend with your marketing skills on the app will most likely attract customers to your corner. People can equally engage with you when you discuss topics surrounding your products, either through Twitter spaces or Twitter ads.

2. Using Video Content Platforms

Video content platforms are another faster means of improving sales as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria without a website. These platforms are considered useful since a great number of people are attracted to visual content.

Creating videos that circle around the product or service you’re affiliating with is the best way to maximize YouTube to your advantage and attract potential customers. However, these videos are expected to be of very high quality and should solve a problem.

This is when people can relax, spend more time on your channel, get convinced, and jump on your CTA. You can also collaborate with related brands to expand the volume of your audience.

using youtube to start affiliate marketing in nigeria without a website

While uploading your Youtube video, you must pay close attention to attaching keywords for your product and any related words to the title of your video and the description beneath it. You also have the liberty to attach links that would redirect your audience to your sales page.

The essence of incorporating keywords into your video titles and descriptions is for them to rank higher. This would enable people to see your video among the top searches when they are searching for content related to your product or service.

Tiktok is the fastest visual platform to grow and attain a wide audience and visibility within the shortest timeframe. All that’s required on TikTok as an affiliate marketer is to blend your creativity with TikTok trends as you stand to compete with other brands that are offering the same service or displaying the same product.

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3. Using Instant Messaging Platforms

Instant messaging platforms are the easiest and most direct means of sourcing and engaging with your potential clients, thereby boosting your affiliate market.

This will help you interact freely with your potential customers who are members and discover what their expectations are regarding your product. Remember, when customers’ expectations are met, they turn into returning customers. Besides, it’s easier for them to equally invite their friends and everyone in their network to join your group when they’re happy about your product.

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WhatsApp allows you to look out for a much more targeted audience that would be interested in what you sell. You are entitled to create as many convincing posts as you wish every day. You can also leverage WhatsApp groups to get your product message out there. Networking and establishing contacts help build your chances of landing sales.

4. Email Marketing

With email marketing, you’re most likely going to land high-paying clients. as a result of the amount of value you’ll be delivering to subscribers on your email list. If you believe your product or service fits into email marketing, you’d start by building an email list. 

You can start creating informational content that resonates with the products you sell and encourages readers to subscribe to your list.

In this case, you’re assured that subscribers to your channel have a level of trust in what you’re offering, which increases your chances of selling.

You’ll also need an email marketing strategy to get your potential customers’ attention. An example of a typical email marketing strategy is to write ebooks. For instance, if you’re affiliated with food products, you can write an ebook on food preservation hacks and distribute it to your audience. 

This would help your audience get a full picture of the kind of food products you sell since you’d be citing them as samples in your ebook, and you can make sales that way.

5. Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

A pay-per-click campaign is a more economical way of running ads for an affiliate product in Nigeria without a website. In this case, you’re only charged when potential customers click on your ad to view it.

Through pay-per-click campaigns, you can set up Facebook or Google ads for your business. This process involves creating an ad and attaching your affiliate link so that interested customers can be redirected to your landing page, where they can quickly purchase your product.

Using this method requires that you create a Google Ads account so that your campaigns can be set up and monitored.

Practical Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website in Nigeria

If you’re starting out in affiliate marketing without a website in Nigeria, below are a few important steps to take:

Step 1: Start Building an Audience

Choose your preferred niche and start building authority around it. This involves posting relevant content daily or weekly, depending on your availability. The fastest way you can do this will be to use your WhatsApp status. We have complete content on how to make money on WhatsApp and affiliate marketing is one of them.

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Step 2: Signing Up for an Affiliate Program

Once you start gaining followers, the next step will be to sign up for a good affiliate program. You can start with the Jumia program because it’s easy to sign up and start promoting almost immediately. You can read our article on how Jumia affiliate marketing works.

After you’ve set up your affiliate account, create links that will lead customers to your sales page. Copy and paste them on every piece of promotional content you make for it. It’s not advisable to just paste the affiliate link exactly the way it is, as some platforms might reject it.

Your best option will be to use a link shortener like Bitly or even create a landing page with Google sites-its completely free.

Step 4: Driving Traffic to WhatsApp

It’s better to draw the attention of customers to your WhatsApp, where they can save your number and view your status often. This would help them remember and reach out to you faster when they need your product again.

Step 5: Making the Sale and Getting a Commission

Consistently creating impressive ads and shareable content across different social networks will enable customers in need of your products to find and buy from you. This way, you’re sure to land customers every day and make sales from them.

Step 6: Scaling and Making More Money

Over time, when people start to identify with your product, it becomes easier to scale up and expand, either through value addition to the already existing product or expansion into another.

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

There are core benefits that come with starting affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website, and they are

There is no need to create your own product: The production and distribution of this product are never something you’d have to worry about. This responsibility is instead managed by the supplier.

Ability to operate the business anywhere in the world: Most affiliate marketers operate online, which presents a wider reach for marketing resources and content.

Less pressure and risk: Being an affiliate marketer reduces the amount of pressure you stand to have been under as a main producer or supplier. You even decide when to create posts or campaigns for your product.

No capital is required: The only thing an affiliate marketer in Nigeria needs is data. No major capital is required to start, and yet, it makes you a good source of income.

Final thoughts 💭

For starters, Affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website is possible and profitable. You just need to join any of the various affiliate programs we have in Nigeria.

If, by chance, you already have a product or service in mind to affiliate for but can’t find a market for it, simply go to the Google search engine and type the product niche + affiliate program. You can find the best option in the list provided.

All you have to do is understand how each affiliate market operates, stick to its model, and drive sales using your affiliate link.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Platform in Nigeria?

Jumia is considered the number one affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria and offers similar services as Amazon. However, you must be on the lookout for a platform that resonates with your area of interest.

How Much Can I Earn in Affiliate Marketing?

The amount of money you make from affiliate marketing depends on the product you’re promoting and the number of sales you make from it.

Can I Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria Without a Website?

Yes, you can start affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a website and instead leverage social media and a variety of other options. This would help you save money.

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