How to Make Money on Telegram in Nigeria – 10 + 3 Ways

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Telegram is worth more than just joining a random group or getting daily notifications of who just joined the channel. You can make money on Telegram in Nigeria by simply downloading the app and following the guidelines in this article.

What is Telegram?

Aside from Tiktok or Instagram, which are other social platforms where you can make money in Nigeria, Telegram is the most advantageous of them all.

Telegram is a messaging app with super-friendly features that accommodates users from every part of the world.

How to create a Telegram channel

This social media platform allows the creation of both groups and channels with a 200,000 membership limit, of which these groups can be privatized. Chats are easily saved or pinned to the groups to ensure steady reminders, and individuals make so much money from monetizing the process.

How to Make Money on Telegram in Nigeria: The Best Options

Here’s a comprehensive list of ways to maximize your Telegram account and make money from it. Note that you’ll need a sizeable number of Telegram members for these money-making opportunities to work. 

A $2 Twitter or Instagram ad will do the trick. Or you can start with your existing contacts. I’ll cover how to get more Telegram members later in this guide, so read till the end.

1. Start affiliate marketing

The first method of how to make money on Telegram in Nigeria is through affiliate marketing, which involves advertising someone’s product and getting a commission.

First, pick a good product that you know you can sell effortlessly; for instance, you can choose phone accessories like ring lights, pouches, and Bluetooth mics. 

Then sign up for an affiliate program. I’ll recommend Jumia since it’ll be easy and fast to run deliveries. Get your affiliate links and share them in your Telegram group or channel, along with persuasive calls to action.

Regularly provide valuable content to maintain engagement and trust. You can also run giveaways or discounts to entice them.

2. Drive traffic to a blog

Content writers make so much money on Telegram in Nigeria by engaging their subscribers with interesting pieces from their articles or stories. 

You can start by grooming your blogging skills and creating a blog account with WordPress. You can learn how to start blogging here.

When you’re fully established, you can start providing your audience with exciting cut-offs from your blog, making them want to see more. In turn, you redirect them to your blog page, where they find the entire content. 

By doing this, you’re driving more organic traffic to your site and increasing your earnings there. You must ensure that these contents are value-based, as this is the most important factor in making your audience frequent your blog.

3. Open a movie and comedy channel

In the interest of a large audience, movies are always in style, so you are sure to get lots of engagement on your channel. 

You can make money on Telegram in Nigeria by sourcing interesting movie releases and sharing them with members of your channel/group.

The good thing here is that, unlike WhatsApp, you can share files of over 1GB on Telegram.

So, how do you make money on Telegram by uploading movies? Preferably, you start by sharing the movie trailers and make money here by granting access to your subscribers at a good rate for the full movie.

4. Buy and sell Telegram channels

You can create varieties of Telegram channels, grow them, and sell them off at a fair price to businesses and individuals that need them. These telegram channels serve as a means for businesses to identify and connect with a network of potential and existing customers. 

Another easy way is to buy Telegram channels from pre-existing owners and resell them at a higher rate.

5. Sell e-books

Ebooks are currently the fastest way to get the attention of prospective customers for every business. You can create an ebook on a topic you identify with or connect with the most, which, of course, is solving a problem for people. 

Ebook owners can host a preview of their content in Telegram groups. This is the opportunity they have to build rapport with the audience there and engage them into buying their books upon successful launch. 

Another way channel owners can make money on Telegram is to source books that resonate with their audience and sell them. In this case, you don’t have to be the writer; you just have to be a conscious entrepreneur who understands the needs of your audience and provides solutions in the form of ebooks to them.

6. Sell your own services

If you own a digital skill or product, you can make money on Telegram in Nigeria by selling it there. 

People are bound to patronize a product or service they love or need. With Telegram, you have access to international subscribers who may be equally interested in the service you render, and you get paid in dollars. 

First, you learn digital skills, which include digital marketing, graphics design, business management, or content writing. Then create an identity around your skill by outlining your services and the appropriate audience for them.

You start by advertising these skills on your Telegram group/channel where you’re most likely going to find people in need of your service. This can equally be taught on telegram groups or channels, like in a school where students pay to learn.

7. Become a group moderator

Considering the thousands of subscribers Telegram allows for a channel, managing an enormous audience can be a hard nut to crack. One person may not be able to create content, engage the community, and enforce the group’s rules. 

They, therefore, request the service of a moderator to keep the group orderly, and of course, it usually comes as a paid job. By being a group moderator, you stand to make money for yourself in Nigeria at a reasonable price, depending on how demanding the group is.

8. Sell merchandise

When you have access to some pieces of merchandise from top brands, for example, using Telegram can be a fast way to make money off them. 

You can hand them out to your subscribers at a price or through giveaways after they’ve helped complete a necessary and more profitable task.

9. Accept sponsored posts and ads

You can make money on Telegram in Nigeria by actively growing an online community you influence. This influence is your selling power for brands interested in paying you to run ads since your audience will certainly engage with their products or services. 

You can become an influencer and attract a large audience by strategically engaging in various communities with content they’ll find appealing. This would help in building loyalty and a strong fan base to help with promoting and buying the products you put up as ads.

And then, the variables in these products and services determine how much you charge for ads, or preferably a standard rate for each.

10. Ask for donations or contributions

This is another method of how to make money on Telegram in Nigeria, as people easily contribute to a good cause. What this implies is that you can solicit funding from family, friends, and colleagues to support your Telegram project. This is, in fact, very necessary, as starting out on Telegram as a beginner might incur expenses. 

The most important thing here is to give your prospective donors a reason to trust you with their money, possibly because of the impact your channel is set to make.

11. Sell online courses and webinars

There are so many creators out there who use social media platforms to push out their content. You, on the other hand, can equally sell these contents in the form of online courses and webinars to make money on your Telegram channel. 

All you have to do is gain access to these courses and webinars from the owner(s) and publish them on your channel for sale.

12. Start a paid channel

The paid channel is another way to make money on Telegram in Nigeria, as it grants exclusive access to members who pay to be there. 

In most cases, you start by creating two channels, the first being a general group where your members can access general posts, as the name implies. The second becomes your paid channel, where subscribers get advanced content from.

13. Partnerships and collaborations with other channels

Partnerships and collaborations are the fastest way to grow Telegram channels and make money off them. 

Now this works in two ways, and the first is through partnering with other Telegram channels to advertise brand businesses, as earlier mentioned for mega boosts. The second option is to collaborate with these telegram channels with large audiences to gain interested subscribers from them. 

Remember, the higher the subscription, the higher the chance of making money on Telegram in Nigeria.

Tips and Best Practices for Monetizing Telegram in Nigeria

When building your Telegram channel, you must be very intentional about the whole process. Start by attracting the right audience, engaging them with quality content, not spamming them, and responding to their questions and needs. 

You run the risk of having dormant subscribers if you don’t properly pay attention to them or don’t offer them valuable content.

Exciting or informative content is just one type of valuable content that can generate interest, comments, and shares. Having special guests on your platform on a regular basis will keep your audience interested and engaged in what you have to offer. 

When you’ve been able to build a progressive channel and start to migrate into paid content, do well to make the process easy to come by. This is because it’s easy for subscribers to lose interest when a system, especially one with payments, becomes rigorous or stressful.

How to Members for Your Telegram Channel

Now that you know how to make money on Telegram in Nigeria, let’s talk about how to get those subscribers that’ll pay you.

Invite Contacts

You can directly invite up to 200 people from your phone’s contact list to your Telegram channel. This is an easy way to get an initial group of members who are likely to be interested in your content because they already know you.

Promote on Social Media

Utilize your existing social media platforms to promote your Telegram channel. You can post about it on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, share it on LinkedIn, pin it on Pinterest, and include it in your bio or posts on Instagram.

Website Integration

If you have a website or a blog, add your Telegram channel link there. You can include it in your contact information, embed it into blog posts, or even add a pop-up or banner that asks visitors to join your Telegram channel.


Identify other Telegram channel owners who have a similar target audience but aren’t direct competitors. You can agree to promote each other’s channels to your respective audiences.

Participate in Relevant Communities

Join relevant communities on other platforms, such as Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, forums, or subreddits. Participate actively and when it’s appropriate, share your Telegram channel.

Influencer Marketing

Consider reaching out to influencers in your field who might be interested in your content. They can help you reach a wider audience. This could be a paid collaboration or a content exchange.

Offer Exclusive Content

Make some content exclusively available on your Telegram channel. Promote this exclusive content on other platforms to encourage people to join your Telegram channel to access it.

Run Contests/Giveaways

People love free things and competitions. Running a contest or giveaway where joining your Telegram channel is a part of the entry process can attract new members.

If you’re looking to build a Telegram group or channel in order to make money from it, then you must be open to trying out every possible option. Also, focusing on a niche will give you more clarity on where to find the right audience in need of your services.

Making Money on Telegram in Nigeria: Final Thoughts 💭

Telegram is the right tool and platform for business owners, scholars, creators, and developers. Whatever industry you find yourself in, Telegram creates room to enable you to make money in Nigeria. Best put, it makes an excellent side hustle, as it has the potential to make you a steady income.

Its potential is equally evident in the use of bots on the platform. This in fact helps busy channel owners gain assistance with providing quick responses to questions when they’re absent. The other beautiful thing here is that it also creates a huge source of income for chatbot developers on the app.

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