How to Make Money on Chipper Cash – Step by Step

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The world is going fully digital, and catching up to the changing trends to make money for ourselves is a must. That is how we discovered ways to make money using Chipper Cash app rather than just sending and receiving money across different countries.

The referral programme on the Chipper Cash app is set up as a cash back reward system for loyal customers who increase app signups through word of mouth. The advantages of using the Chipper Cash app are numerous, so it’s very easy to spread the word and get paid in the process.

Using Chipper Cash equally gives you the opportunity to purchase and own some stocks. These stocks can be bought from big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, Netflix, etc.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how you can dig into the money making opportunities on the Chipper Cash app. 

How to Make Money on Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is one of the top legit money making apps in Nigeria and using it is very easy and fun. You can easily make speedy transactions across different African countries, the UK, and the US. Their friendly user interface allows a single tap to earn you cool money from either their referral programme or the stock market. 

How Does Chipper Cash Referral Bonus Work

Usually, fintech companies set-up referral programmes for their virtual bank online system. This is their way of increasing traffic while getting their customers used to the various benefits attached to the banking app. 

With the Chipper Cash app, you can connect with your friends in the United States, introduce the seamless transaction process using the Chipper Cash app, and earn as much as $10 per sign-up.

This is how you can subscribe to the referral bonus system on the Chipper Cash app. Following this step by step process will earn you your payment reward within 24 hours. 

Step 1

Generate your referral link on the app. This is available on the ‘Earn’ section of the application

Step 2

Click on Invite a friend. Your link is automatically generated and ready to be shared across any platform of choice

Step 3

Copy and share your link with the new prospective user

Step 4

It’s advisable to follow the user through the sign-up stages. This is to ensure that all the requirements are met.

Step 5

Double check to see if your accounts are verified. You can confirm this under Verification status in your profile.

Participating in the referral bonus programme on Chipper Cash can be quite challenging yet profitable. You’re entitled to at least 15,000 NGN in a space of 24 hours by just referring two people. What if there were more?

As someone looking to increase their stream of income, one of the best approaches to this is by engaging with different US communities online. This would help you build a profitable network for yourself. 

The best part of this referral system is that Chipper Cash has made it a win-win situation for both parties. While you make 10 USD for referring a friend to the app, your friend also makes 10 USD upon successful signup

How Long Does It Take For Chipper Cash to Pay For Referral

It takes approximately 24 hours for referral payments to reflect on your Chipper Cash wallet after a successful signup and verification process. The final condition for gaining 10 USD after a successful referral is that your referred user completes a transaction of 25 USD using their Chipper Cash app.

There are certain factors that could affect your referral bonus, especially when certain conditions aren’t met, and those include:

  • The 25 USD transaction was only made as a payment invitation
  • The referred user already signed up in the Chipper Cash app using another referral link
  • Either you or the referred user is yet to be verified on the app
  • The referred user may have started out on the Chipper Cash app without tapping your link
  • Possibly if your referred user tried signing up with your own device rather than theirs.

How Does Chipper Cash Investment Work

Currently, the stock investment platform on the Chipper Cash app is only available to Nigerians and one other country. This means you’re at an advantage when it comes to making a lot of of money from the stock market.

The Chipper Cash investment platform allows you to keep or trade stocks to your own advantage. In this case, we’re talking about buying shares in different publicly traded companies like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Tesla, Chevron, Microsoft, Nike, McDonalds, Jumia, etc.

With just $1, you can buy or sell stocks in any of the listed companies on the Chipper Cash app.  

How to Invest on Chipper Cash

So as a first time investor, the emphasis on critically researching whatever company you may want to purchase stocks from is paramount. You don’t want to just buy because people are or because you feel the company is popular enough. Evaluating their financial situation is also necessary to avoid consistent losses. 

Here’s how you can start investing with Chipper Cash:

Step 1

Click on the Invest option of your Chipper Cash app

Step 2

Attend to all the Q&As in that section and confirm you’ve read and agreed to the terms and conditions listed

Step 3

It’s expected that you have reviewed and researched the most prospective company of your choice to buy into

Step 4

Go ahead and tap that company to buy

Step 5

Input the amount you intend to spend on buying that share and confirm your payment

Possibly, when you have monitored the stock market well enough and plan to sell, this is how to go about it:

Step 1

Select stocks from the invest option on your Chipper Cash app

Step 2

Go to your preferred company where you intend to sell their stock investment

Step 3

Tap on sell and input the amount you want to sell

Step 4

Click and confirm your transaction details and sell to see how much you’ve made

Again, you have to understand how the stock market works in terms of determining the best time to buy and sell in order to maximise profits.

Just like every other trading platform that could be open to fraudulent attacks from scammers, the Chipper Cash app has been able to work against any potential risk on their site, making it safe to use and your funds secured.

How Do You Make Money Investing in Chipper Cash

Making money from your investments on the Chipper Cash app is now very simple. When you’ve fully understood the instability of the market and how to manage it, then you’re set to make so much money. 

Usually, the best approach is to understand your tolerance level as a way of determining the level of investment to make and managing your chances of experiencing possible losses. Buying shares when the stakes are low and selling them when they’re at their peak earns you more dollars in profit.

To maximise investment returns on Chipper Cash, it’s advisable to determine your investment goals and follow them accordingly. Also, separating your personal account from your brokerage account helps manage funds. Of course, you are only advised to trade with your spare cash, no matter how little it may seem.

How to Make Money on Chipper Cash – Other Ways

How to make money with Chipper Cash

There are many ways to make money on Chipper Cash. The two most popular are the Chipper Cash referral bonus and the investment strategy. However, to fully grasp Chipper Cash, we also mentioned all possible ways to make money on Chipper Cash.

Acceptance of Payments For Services or Products

Chipper Cash can be an excellent tool for entrepreneurs and businesses to accept payments for their services or products. By promoting your offerings through social media, websites, or local communities, you can attract customers who prefer the convenience of Chipper Cash as a payment option. 

Integrate Chipper Cash into your payment systems and provide a seamless experience for your clients.

Make Online Payment

You can also help friends and family pay for things online or renew their favourite app subscription. Chipper Cash provides a virtual card that helps you pay for things online when your Nigerian card doesn’t work. You can charge them extra for using your own card, excluding the normal rates the app collects.

Freelancing and Online Work

If you’re a freelancer or offer services online, you can make money on Chipper Cash by streamlining your payment process. 

Platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer will enable you to specify Chipper Cash as your preferred payment method, expanding your potential client base and providing easy access to funds.


For online businesses and aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs, knowing how to make money on Chipper Cash through E-commerce platforms like Shopify helps broaden your customer base in African countries. 

By incorporating Chipper Cash into your online store, you enable customers to make purchases using the app, facilitating secure transactions and enhancing customer trust. E-commerce platforms like Shopify offer Chipper Cash integration, allowing you to make money effortlessly. 

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Within the Chipper Cash community, peer-to-peer transactions present unique opportunities to earn money. If you possess excess foreign currency and wish to exchange it for local currency, you can find users interested in exchanging funds. 

Negotiate favourable rates and conduct transactions securely within the app. However, exercise caution, adhere to local regulations, and transact with trusted individuals to mitigate risks.

Airtime Sales

One way to make money on Chipper Cash is through airtime sales. Chipper Cash allows users to buy airtime for themselves or others directly within the app. 

You can use this feature by offering airtime sales to friends, and family, or even start a small business selling airtime to customers. You can earn a profit by purchasing airtime at a wholesale price and selling it at a higher retail price.

Paying Bills

Chipper Cash provides a convenient platform for paying bills, including utilities, internet services, and mobile phone bills. 

As an opportunity to make money, you can offer bill payment services to individuals who may not have access to digital payment platforms or prefer to outsource bill payments.


The Chipper Cash app has clearly come to stay. Therefore, utilising the opportunities it presents keeps you one step ahead of your financial game. Pay close attention to the guidelines provided while making money for yourself with the Chipper Cash app. This would help to avoid putting restrictions on your app usage or blocking your account from subsequent transactions.  


How do I enter a referral code on Chipper Cash?

When you’ve clicked on the ‘Earn’ tab in the Chipper Cash app, go to the ‘Enter Referral Code’ option and input the 5 digits combination text from the referral link in use and click on ‘Enter’.

How do you get money from Chipper Cash?

You can make money from Chipper Cash through the sharing of referral links, investing in the stock market, or even making purchases using your virtual dollar card.

Is Chipper Cash good for investments?

The thousands of signups on the Chipper Cash app are what make it a reliable platform for investing. This is a result of the level of security measures they put in place and update regularly to safeguard the interests of their users.

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