10 + 2 Ways to Make Money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

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WhatsApp is one of the most frequently used apps in Nigeria. Over 53% of users check it at least once a day.

A lot of people consider WhatsApp a tool to upload videos and pictures, view people’s statuses, and stalk exes. But WhatsApp is much more!

In this article, I will be showing you twelve (12) ways you can make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria, how you can increase your WhatsApp views, and other tips.

What do you need to make money on WhatsApp?

Apart from having the WhatsApp application on your phone, other things you need to do to make money from WhatsApp are:

  • Actively participate in various WhatsApp groups
  • Have a lot of WhatsApp views on your status
  • A good Android or iOS phone
  • A working internet connection.

I will explain more about these points in another section.

The Top 12 Ways to Make Money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

I have put together for you the top 12 ways to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria right away:

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money from WhatsApp—I mean huge sums of money.

The concept of affiliate marketing is that businesses approach you to market their products due to the large following you have on social media platforms, or you sign up on business websites and get affiliate links. All to increase sales of their products.

How this converts to money for you on WhatsApp is that the affiliate links copied from the websites can then be shortened using a link shortener, for instance, bit.ly. Once shortened, share the link on your WhatsApp status, in WhatsApp groups, and even in direct chats. 

When any of your contacts click on this link, purchase a product, and make a payment, you get a commission (a percentage of the amount on the product purchased). Your commission can be as high as 50% of the product amount.

Sell your products or services

In this method, you market your own products or services using WhatsApp as your marketing tool. 

For instance, if you sell human hair and want more visibility for your products that will convert to sales, WhatsApp is a great platform.

Here is what you can do to sell your wigs on WhatsApp, for instance:

  • Upload pictures or videos of your wigs to your status every day.
  • Use your WhatsApp groups to your advantage. Post your wig products in groups; however, you need to understand the rules of the particular group.
  • Create a broadcast group with your contacts and share posts or your website link (don’t do this often, though)
  • Follow up with interested contacts via WhatsApp.

The steps above cut across all products or services; you only need to tweak them to your desires. By following the steps above, you can make money from WhatsApp by selling your own products or services.

Open a WhatsApp TV

Another way to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria is by starting a WhatsApp TV. To set up a WhatsApp TV, you will need:

open a whatsapp tv
  • WhatsApp Business (download this from the App Store on your phone)
  • A name for the TV
  • A logo: you can create simple logos using Canva.
  • Video and picture editing software: any simple video or picture editing software such as Inshot App (download for iOS or Android)

How to set up your WhatsApp TV

  • Install and launch the WhatsApp business you downloaded.
  • Input the phone number you wish to use for your TV and verify it.
  • You will be required to type in a name and picture for your TV account. For the picture and name, it is better to use your logo and the name you chose.
  • At this point, your WhatsApp TV has been created.

To make money from WhatsApp TV, you will need a lot of viewers (I will discuss this in another section). When you have a lot of viewers, you can begin to run sponsored ads. Or you can advertise the products and services of other people.

You will, in turn, get a commission from them when products are purchased.

Drive traffic to your blog

If you have a blog, you can increase its visibility using WhatsApp.

To do this, you must have opened a website and started posting valuable content according to your chosen niche.

To drive traffic using WhatsApp, you can

  • Create a WhatsApp group with your blog niche
  • Send an invitation to your contacts to join the group
  • Anytime you publish an article and copy and post it on the group.
  • The more people click and go to your page, the higher your chances of making money from ads or product sales.

You can also set up a WhatsApp TV and drive traffic to your blog by posting short descriptions of your blog and its content frequently on your WhatsApp status. A link to your blog or a published article should also be added to your status post.

Send subscribers to YouTube 

Here is another way to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria. If you have a YouTube channel or want to make money driving traffic to other people’s YouTube channels, WhatsApp can be your goldmine.

All you need to do is copy the link to the YouTube channel (shorten the link using bit.ly), post it on your WhatsApp groups, Status, direct contacts, and TV (if you have a WhatsApp TV).

drive traffic to youtube from whatsapp

When people click on the link, it takes them to the YouTube Channel, where they can subscribe and enjoy the content.

Refer friends to your Apps

Referring friends to Apps is one good way to make a small passive income on WhatsApp in Nigeria.

Some Apps offer a small amount of airtime and other rewards when you refer people to use them. You only need to download such Apps and post the referral links to your WhatsApp Contacts, WhatsApp status, and WhatsApp groups.

The more people that get the App through you, the more rewards you get. You can check out our article on online money-making apps that pay. Most of them have referral programmes you can start with.

Drive Traffic to your Telegram Movie Group

Here is another great way to make money from WhatsApp. First, you must have a Telegram account. After creating your Telegram account, open a movie channel where you can drop links to download movies, music videos, and more.

Copy your Telegram group link and post it on your WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp groups (where it is allowed), and direct contacts. When they click on the link, it takes them directly to your Telegram group to become members.

You can monetize the traffic you get by registering on pay-per-download sites, for instance, uplod.org. You get paid a small token when anyone pays and downloads movies or music videos using the links.

Share Sponsored Posts

Some companies accommodate giving a certain amount to people who refer new customers to their products or services. 

You can partner with these kinds of companies to promote their sponsored content, such as offers or discounts, with your WhatsApp contacts. 

Start a dropshipping business

Start a dropshipping business by using WhatsApp to reach out to suppliers, process orders, and offer customer support.

One of the simplest ways to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria is by promoting short links.

Whereas a typical URL is very long, a short link is a shorter version of a URL. A shorter link increases your chances of clicking on it.

Use an online paid link-shortening service to shorten your link. Once you have the short link, post it to all your WhatsApp Contacts and groups. 

Whenever someone clicks on your link, an advertisement will pop up before the intended link, which is how you earn money.

Some of the common paid link-shortening services you can go for are; Ouo.io, Adf.ly, and Shorte.st.

One of the ways on how to make money on WhatsApp is by sharing survey links. This method pays you a little money every now and then. 

share survey links to your whatsapp audience

Some companies pay you for taking online surveys, clicking on links, and more. However, they pay you extra when you refer people to participate in their online surveys. This is where WhatsApp comes in. 

Once you register on their website, you get your affiliate link. Then, go ahead and share it with your contacts on WhatsApp using your Status and groups. Whenever they sign up and start taking surveys, you get paid by the company.

One such company I recommend is Ysense. Ysense pays you in two ways;

  • They pay you when you participate in their surveys
  • They also pay you when you refer others.

To get your payment, you will be required to open a Skrill account, from which you can transfer into any bank account in Nigeria.

Another company in this category is Cointiply.

WhatsApp Stickers

One way to make money from WhatsApp is by creating your own stickers. Once anyone downloads and uses them, you get paid for it. 

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create WhatsApp stickers. There is software you can use to create stickers, such as Pop Creators Studio.

How to increase your WhatsApp Views

Now that you know how to make money on WhatsApp, I want to show you how to increase your WhatsApp views in order to increase your chances of making money.

Increase your WhatsApp views in the following ways:

Always post informative and entertaining content.

One way to increase your WhatsApp views organically is to post quality content on your Status every day. You have to keep it consistent. 

Run adverts

You can run ads on both Facebook and Instagram. Your content on the ads must lead people to your WhatsApp. This means a link to your WhatsApp account must be on your ads. So, when people click the link on Facebook or Instagram, it directs them to your WhatsApp account

Contact gains

You and other participants can save one another’s contacts with one click. All you need to do is visit the website, wassapviews.com, and download the VCF file. Immediately after you download the files, you have to install them, and they will be saved to your phone automatically.

Wassapviews.com also has a premium version that goes for 200 NGN and is applicable to only WhatsApp TV users.

Tips for Making Money on WhatsApp in Nigeria

Useful tips you need to start making money on WhatsApp in Nigeria include:

how to make money on whatsapp in nigeria

Download WhatsApp Business

If you want to sell your products or services on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business is great for setting up your E-commerce business online. It provides the following features:

  • Checking of phone numbers
  • Access to user statistics
  • Auto-responder
  • Product Catalogue
  • Interact with customers across various channels.

Get a separate phone

You may need to get a separate phone (Android or iOS) if you really desire to make money from WhatsApp. This is to enable you to monitor your business.

You can get an Android or iOS phone from online stores. I recommend Jumia. Jumia is one of the biggest online stores in Nigeria. Just download the app from your App Store, install it, and register an account. Then, you can begin to shop. 

Increase your WhatsApp TV views

To increase your WhatsApp TV views, you have to do these:

  • Post engaging, entertaining, and informative content (videos, music)  on your TV frequently
  • Use a TV watermark (though it is not compulsory); it’ll help people recognise you faster anywhere your content is reshared.
  • Join other WhatsApp TVs in your niche.
  • Promote your TV and other bigger TVs that have more followers than yours.

Final thoughts 💭

This list of how to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria is not exhaustive. You can make money from WhatsApp in other ways, such as by selling courses on Udemy, providing language tutoring, and providing virtual assistance.

If you desire to start making money from WhatsApp right now, you can begin with Affiliate links and selling your own products or services. To start affiliate marketing, register on websites such as Selar (a Nigeria-based affiliate marketing platform) and Amazon.

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