How to Make Money on OPay With and Without Referral

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Aside from being a mobile banking app, Opay presents numerous opportunities for users to save and earn. Learning how to make money on Opay is a valuable skill, as it offers different avenues for you to generate at least N6k daily with some consistency. 

With its array of financial services and innovative features, Opay has transformed the way we view mobile banking, making it a platform for both saving and making money.

Ways to make money on Opay include their referral program, value-added services like purchasing airtime and other utility bill payments, agent services, cashback services, and interest gotten from saving on the app.

This guide explains how much you can make with Opay and also explains how to make money on Opay without referrals.

If you don’t have an Opay account yet, here’s how to open one.

How Much Can You Make With Opay?

As an Opay user, you’re bound to make as much as 5,000 NGN daily through the basic referral system. We call it basic because that’s the payment you receive for referring at least seven people to sign up on the app.

It could be more as dedicated users expand their audience in order to engage them into signing up for the Opay app. This, of course, is a fast and swift deal, as new customers who sign up are rewarded the sum of 1,200 NGN.

How to Make Money on OPay

Here are a few options on how to make money on Opay:

how to make money on opay
How to make money on Opay – your options

Opay Referral Program

This is where you invite a non-Opay user using your account invitation link to enable them to download the app and start using it as well. You make money through the 800 NGN rewarded to you by Opay after a successful login by the user you referred.

Cashback on Transactions

Transactions like purchasing airtime and data will take off a certain percentage when you purchase them using the app.

Investing with Opay

Certain investment programs are available on the Opay app, which include the Owealth, fixed, savings, etc. Using this program to save your money can earn you 15% interest per year.

Becoming an Opay Agent

Think of how much you pay the POS agent each time you make a transaction with them. That is to show you how much you can make as an Opay agent as well. This guide will show you how to get started as a POS agent.

How do I refer and earn money on OPay?

Think of the Opay app as one of the most profitable side hustles you will ever own. By learning how to make money on Opay, particularly through the refer and earn option, you can secure a steady income stream using nothing more than your word of mouth.

You can follow these easy steps to refer and earn money on Opay:

  • Open your Opay banking app.
  • Click on the Refer and Earn option on your homepage.
  • Click on the icon where your referral bonus is reflected and copy your referral link.
  • Share your link with your desired platform or with whomever you intend to invite.
  • Guide your new user into accepting the invite and signing up on the Opay app.
  • You’ll get your 800 NGN after a successful sign-up and the deposit of 1,000 NGN to the account by the new user.

How to Sign Up for Opay and Earn an N1,200 Bonus in 2023

You’re qualified to earn as much as a 1,200 NGN bonus when you successfully sign in and make your first deposit on Opay. This goes for the first payment of 1,000 NGN and above from your local bank account to your Opay account.

These steps will guide you on how to sign up on Opay and earn a 1,200 NGN bonus:

  • Follow the referral link.
  • Click on Download and get 1,200 NGN.
  • Proceed to download the Opay app.
  • Sign in with your details and log into your Opay account.
  • Transfer some money from your local bank account to your Opay account.
  • You’ll get your instant 1,200 NGN bonus top-up

How Do I Get My Referral Code on Opay?

Getting your Opay referral link is how your invited users can access and download the app, so you can get your sign-up bonus.

These steps will guide you on how to get your referral code on Opay.

  • Visit the home page of your Opay mobile application.
  • Scroll down to see the refer and earn option.
  • Or preferably, click on the ‘me’ icon at the right end of your homepage.
  • Tap the Earn 800 NGN icon to get your referral link.
  • Exhaust all the available options to get your link across different social platforms and through SMS.

When a potential user eventually signs up on the Opay mobile app through your link and makes over 1,000 NGN in deposits, you’ll get a cashback bonus of 800 NGN.

How to Earn at Least N6K Daily With Opay: Step-By-Step

The two major ways you can earn at least 6,000 NGN on Opay are through their agent network service or referral services. The agent network service, commonly known as the POS business, is one of the fastest ways to make over 6,000 NGN daily through the Opay banking system.

The Opay POS service business is another lucrative way to explore how to make money on Opay. By applying to become an Opay agent and facilitating transactions for customers, you can earn a daily income of over 6,000 NGN. 

The process involved in becoming one is very easy, as their response to this service is fast.

  • Download the Opay business app (Currently available on Android only).
  • Fill in all the required details and login to your account.
  • Upgrade to merchant level to get started.

 As outlined in our guide above on how to refer and earn money using Opay, you’re entitled to a specific bonus prize (800 NGN) for drawing people’s attention to the app and making them sign up.

How to Withdraw Opay Referral Earnings

Your Opay referral earnings are reflected on your dashboard after successful confirmation that your referred user has logged in and completed a credit transaction of 1,000 NGN or above.

You can therefore withdraw this money by sending it to your local bank account or through the POS.

How Do I Make Money on Opay Without Referrals?

The easiest way you can make money without referrals on Opay is by engaging in the daily app cashback services, where you make between 5 and 20 NGN. You can get cashback bonuses from daily Owealth interest if you have your money in savings, as well as daily bonuses from logging into the app every day and purchasing airtime.

How to Make Money on Opay without Referrals
How to make money on Opay without referrals

You can make way more than this amount by partaking in the iLOT Betting game. With this game, you stand the chance to predict and win 10,000,000 NGN. This amount is usually shared amongst players who correctly predict the score in the first half and the final score after the end of regular time.

Here’s a guide on how to participate in the iLOT Betting game:

  • Register with iLOT and log in to it.
  • Predict the first half and final score of four selected matches in regular playing time (including injury time and excluding overtime).
  • Click on the “Submit” button and wait for results (the prediction finishes 5 minutes before the match kicks off).

How Does Opay Investment Work?

You’re at a greater advantage to benefit from all the bonuses Opay offers her customers when you consistently log in to the app. Opay rewards her customers with up to 15% interest for saving on the app.

You can make money from the Owealth service system by depositing your spare cash there to earn up to 15% interest in a year. The good thing about the Owealth savings system is that your account earns daily interest on the total amount you’re saving, and you can withdraw it at any time.

The other savings options include:

  • The fixed savings option, where you make between 15% and 18% from a 7–1000 NGN/day savings plan per annum,
  • The target savings plan is where you can save within a specified period of time, like a day, week, or month, yielding 15% interest per annum.
  • The safe box plan is equally a yearly investment plan with strict guidelines to create an automatic savings account where deductions are made on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • The spend and save option allows you to earn 15% interest on a fraction of every amount you spend or transfer.

Here’s how to start saving on Opay:

  • Login to your mobile banking app.
  • On the tabs below your homepage, click on finance.
  • Select which of the investments to save your money on.

The investment option to save a considerable amount of money on Opay not only gives you a Return on Investment but also helps you with wise spending.

Making Money With the Opay App: Final Thoughts💭

From what you can see so far, the options on how to make money on Opay are numerous, thereby rewriting the old concept of banks wanting to make money off their customers. Instead, Opay has presented more opportunities for you to explore fully.

However, a lot of changes have been made since the onset of the banking system in terms of cash-back bonuses for users. Therefore, the earlier you get started on the app, the more money you tend to make before they are exhausted.

Make Money with Opay: FAQs

How to Make Money on Opay cover

Does OPay give 10 Naira daily?

Opay pays between 1 and 10 NGN daily, so for starters, you may be getting 5 NGN, which would improve as you consistently use the app. 

Some other ways you can get daily cashback bonuses are through the purchase of airtime and data on the mobile application. Following this process will earn you between 3 and 6% cashback for each network every day, which is approximately 1.5 to 60 NGN.

Is PalmPay better than OPay?

Palmpay has a good banking system with almost the same features, but not as good as Opay. Opay users have more advantages that come with using the app. They tend to earn more on the app daily, gain commissions on certain transactions and subscriptions, and finally gain a bigger interest in savings.

Can I use OPay to buy Bitcoin?

You can’t use Opay to buy Bitcoin. The Opay banking app can only be used to convert Bitcoin to cash through an app like CoinCola. You can go for the option of buying and selling your cryptocurrencies on CoinCola and then making payments through your Opay account free of charge.

How do I earn money in OPay?

The fastest way to earn money in Opay is through the referral system, which pays more frequently if users sign up using your referral link. Some other ways to make money using Opay are through cashback bonuses or value-added services. You can gain commissions from running value-added services like POS agent service, subscriptions, and airtime and data recharge.

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