How To Make Money On PalmPay Everyday [₦3000 Guaranteed] 

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Understanding how to make money on PalmPay everyday has become a game changer in Nigeria. It’s no longer news that you can earn money in Nigeria with just a smartphone. PalmPay is one of the legit money-making apps in Nigeria that offer this opportunity. It allows you to earn money while enjoying its various benefits.

You can make money on PalmPay by participating in Cash Spree, Awoof Moni, PalmForce, and Lucky Draw.

This guide will explore the features and benefits of PalmPay. You will also learn step-by-step instructions on how to make money on the app. Whether you’re looking to earn extra cash or simply want to maximise your PalmPay experience, this guide has got you covered.

How Does PalmPay Work?

PalmPay is a solution for your payment needs. This innovative app offers a range of features that make transactions a breeze, all while keeping service charges to a minimum.

The user-friendly mobile payment app offers a range of convenient services. You can send and receive money at all banks. Additionally, you can use PalmPay to fund your betting accounts, pay cable subscriptions, water and electricity bills, school fees, and purchase airtime.

One of the fascinating aspects of PalmPay is the opportunity to earn rewards while using the app. These rewards, known as PalmPoints, can be earned and accumulated. The best part is that you can convert all your PalmPoints into cash whenever you want. 

Benefits of Using the PalmPay App

Before we explore how to make money on PalmPay everyday, you may want to know about other benefits that come with the platform. The PalmPay mobile app offers a wide range of benefits that make it a preferred choice for users. These include.

Low Transaction Charges

One of the significant advantages is the low service charges incurred during transactions. Unlike traditional payment methods, PalmPay ensures that users can make payments and transfers at minimal cost. In fact, you can make about 90 free transfers monthly.

Quick Bills and VTU Payments

Another notable benefit is the app’s seamless bill payment and fast VTU (Virtual Top-Up) services. PalmPay provides a convenient platform to settle bills and recharge mobile phone credit swiftly.

Secured Transactions and Personal Information

When it comes to keeping your information safe, PalmPay takes it seriously. The app uses strong protection and special security methods to make sure your personal and financial data stay private and secure. You can feel at ease knowing that your transactions and personal details are well protected.

Bonuses and Rewards

One of the key attractions of PalmPay is the opportunity to earn bonuses and rewards. By using the app for transactions, you can accumulate rewards such as cashback, discounts, or loyalty points.

Moreover, the PalmPay referral program allows you to earn money by inviting others to join the app. You will receive your reward once the person creates an account with PalmPay using the referral link or code. 

How to Make Money on PalmPay Everyday

In this section, I will show you exactly how to make money on PalmPay using this referral program. 

Cash Spree

PalmPay has a cool feature called Cash Spree, where you can earn real cash rewards for inviting your family and friends. You’ll get your reward as soon as the invitee downloads and signs up on the PalmPay app.

It’s really simple. All you have to do is invite your loved ones and friends to join PalmPay.  You get to choose how much you want to earn, anywhere from ₦500 to ₦3,000. 

It’s time to cash out once you invite the required number of people and meet your cash target.

I tried it myself, inviting my siblings and few friends. PalmPay credited my wallet the very next day when I reached my target. It’s that simple.

However, you will be given a time limit of 7 days to meet your invitation target. Make sure to invite enough people within that time frame to qualify for the cash reward.

Awoof Moni

Awoof Moni is another referral feature available on the PalmPay app, and it works slightly differently from Cash Spree.

This PalmPay referral program allows you and your friends to receive rewards. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you want to send an invite to a PalmPay friend who hasn’t joined PalmPay yet. You can send them an airtime coupon worth ₦100.

Once the person claims the reward by signing up with PalmPay, you will receive a cashback bonus of ₦100.

It’s a great way to get free airtime just by referring friends and sending them invite coupons on the PalmPay app.

Rewards on All Transactions

Did you know that transactions are also part of how to make money on PalmPay everyday? It’s true! One way to make money on the app is by engaging in specific transactions that offer cashback as a reward.

These transactions include paying bills and buying airtime. You will receive up to 6% cashback reward anytime you purchase airtime through the app.

Let’s break it down with an example. If you buy ₦2000 worth of airtime, you could earn ₦120.

It might not seem like a lot at first glance. What if you turn it into a business opportunity? You can find people who need to buy airtime, recharge their accounts at the regular rate, and make a 6% profit.

If you can make daily purchases of around ₦20,000 through PalmPay, you could earn up to ₦1,200 every day. That’s equivalent to ₦32,000 per month! Suddenly, it seems like a significant amount, doesn’t it?

Playing the Lucky Game

The Lucky Game on PalmPay is like a lucky draw where you have the chance to win exciting prizes! You could get discounts, airtime, coupons, or even cash prizes. However, sometimes you might not win anything—it’s all about luck.

The prizes you can win may vary each time you play since they are based on chance. If you want more opportunities to participate in the draw, it’s a good idea to perform transactions frequently.

Another lucky game you can play is PalmPay Grab. Each round has a maximum limit for raffle slots and a specific closing date and time. You’ll also see the gift that is up for grabs. 

You have to purchase a raffle ticket for ₦50 to join the game. Even if you don’t win the ultimate prize, you still receive a free coupon worth up to ₦100. 

Joining PalmForce

PalmForce is a special referral program by PalmPay, and it’s for everyone! It’s like a rewards program for people who invite others to use PalmPay regularly.

To join PalmForce, all you need to do is successfully invite at least five people to join PalmPay through your referral link.

The best part about PalmForce is that you get real cash as a reward instead of points. This cash reward goes directly to your PalmPay account when your friends sign up using your link.

And that’s not all! Every time one of your referrals makes a purchase using PalmPay, you receive a commission. The more money involved in the transaction, the more commission you get.

Joining Palmforce is not mandatory, but why would anyone want to miss out on a chance to earn some extra money?

Just remember, you can only join PalmForce after successfully inviting at least five users. So start inviting your friends now and make some cash!

How To Register And Earn Money Online Using PalmPay

Follow these simple steps to start earning money on PalmPay:

  • Visit the official app store on Android or iPhone to Download the PalmPay app.
  • Open the app and register with your phone number.
  • Do not forget to fill out all of the required fields during registration.
  • Verify your identity
  • Then, you can start making transactions and referring friends to maximise your earnings.

How to withdraw your earnings on the PalmPay app

Withdrawing your earnings on PalmPay is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1

Open the PalmPay app and log in to your account.

Step 2

Go to the “Withdraw” section.

Step 3

Choose your preferred withdrawal method, such as bank transfer or mobile money.

Step 4

Enter the required details, including the withdrawal amount and recipient information.

Step 5

Wait a few minutes, and the money will reflect.

How to Boost Your PalmPay Earnings 

To boost your earnings on PalmPay, consider the following tips:

  • Use the app for your daily transactions.
  • You can also share your referral link with friends and family.
  • Keeping an eye on the app for special promotions and limited-time offers can also help. 
  • Participate actively in the lucky game to improve your odds of winning cash prizes.
  • If eligible, join PalmForce to leverage your promotional skills and earn additional commissions.

PalmPay fees and service charges

When it comes to sending money between banks, PalmPay stands out from the crowd with its remarkably low fees.

Here’s the exciting part – your first three inter-bank transfers each day are entirely free of charge! Yes, you read that right, completely free! You don’t have to bother about fees eating into your hard-earned money. 

But let’s say you need to make more transfers in a single day. It will only cost you a mere ₦10 per transfer. 

But, just a quick heads: you can’t save up your free transfers from one day to another. Your free transfer starts everyday by—0:00 AM. 

PalmPay App Download

To download the PalmPay app, follow these steps:

Step 1

Visit the official app store on Android or iPhone.

Step 2

Search for “PalmPay” in the search bar.

Step 3

Locate the PalmPay app in the search results.

Step 4

Open the app to view the details.

Step 5

Click on the ”Install” button to initiate the download.

PalmPay head office address

If you need to reach out to PalmPay’s head office, refer to the following address:

20 Opebi Rd, Opebi 101233, Ikeja, Lagos.

Final thoughts 💭

Knowing how to make money on PalmPay everyday is easy, but you’ll need to put in the work to make it a reality. PalmPay offers an excellent opportunity to make money on a daily basis. By actively participating in promotions, referring friends, and making transactions, you can boost your earnings and make the most out of your PalmPay experience.

How to Make Money on PalmPay FAQs

How much does PalmPay pay per referral?

PalmPay offers referral bonuses for each successful referral; the specific amount may vary depending on the ongoing promotions or offers. It’s advisable to check the app or contact PalmPay’s customer support for the latest referral bonus details.

How do I get my PalmPay referral bonus?

A: To receive your PalmPay referral bonus, ensure that the person you referred successfully signs up using your referral link or code. Once the referral meets the necessary requirements, the referral bonus will be credited to your PalmPay account.

How do you get free 3000 on PalmPay?

To get the free ₦3000 on PalmPay, you may need to participate in the Cash Spree. This referral program allows you to earn money by referring a certain number of people. For ₦3000 reward, you need to invite five friends within the next 7 days. 

Is it safe to use PalmPay?

PalmPay prioritises the security and privacy of its users. Your deposits on PalmPay are insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). This means that in the unlikely event of any issues, your deposits are protected.

Does PalmPay do giveaways?

PalmPay occasionally organises giveaways as part of promotional campaigns. These giveaways may include cash prizes, discounts, or other rewards. You have to stay updated with PalmPay’s announcements to participate.

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